The music is thrumming through everyone's veins
It mixes dangerously with the alcohol
College kids all looking for a good time
Everyone's lust on the prowl

Unfamiliar hands circle around my waist
But when our eyes meet I know exactly who you are
Who you were, I guess
I can tell by the way you're looking
You don't remember me

Our gazes dance and more vodka pours down your throat
Hello, Mister Middle School Sweetheart
We meet again, just like we dreamed we would
Just under some different circumstances

You push me hungrily on a nearby cough
And I remember how we fell laughing
On my old street
I instantly yearn for the scrapes from the road
And not a rug burn from a vomit stained couch

Our lips meet and I can taste the booze
And I can remember so dearly the taste
You once had
Our first kiss, last kiss, every kiss
I wish for that same kind of meaning

The couch is packed with other blind hookups
And not the kids from Redberry
Playing a game on some old mattress
There are no plastic toys pressing into our backs
Only strangers

Our bare skin touches and I can feel your warmth
But I don't feel the safety you once radiated
When we were young
Not a nice piggyback ride to a trampoline
But a meaningless fuck you won't remember tomorrow

I've snapped to it for you
Just like I thought I would
I dress quickly and walk out of the party
It wasn't supposed to happen like this
This wasn't what the kids on Redberry
Used to say