By Shion

Warnings: This story is rated for mature readers due to the fact it contains; homosexual, violent, strange and "new age"ish themes that may not be accepted by certain people. There are also things some people may consider inhuman and inhumane, like murder, torture, abuse and suicide. Please know these sorts of things might show up when and before reading.

Claimer: The characters and situations in this story are entirely fictional. However, they're MINE. You are simply cruel if you take these characters without permission. They are mine, I made them up, I decide their fate and I have total control!! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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NOTE: READERS OF HONORARY: Hello! The characters that cameo-d in Honorary (Bon and Alice) are in this story. However, they're a bit different. Please remember they were fill-in characters, I made up ten-second stories for them at the time, and they have evolved since. Thank you!

Chapter One: First Day

September 9th, 1999 had no special meaning to the students who trudged into the John England Catholic High School for Girls and Boys. After all, a new term of school rarely meant anything different. There would be a ceremony for the first year students to be welcomed, then classes would start, and on first days like this, there would only be one class. This class was called "Home Room and Start Up" and it lasted four hours.

Little did the students know, filing into rows of benches to be squished next to fellow students in uniforms like their own, that this year would be accompanied by a new school nurse, as well. It was so rare that the school staff would change, it was a shock there were such things as "new nurses" to many of the students. But they were not aware that recently the old nurse, who was quite old, had retired. She had stayed only long enough to help pick her replacement.

The priest walked to the stand, looking over the students as the choir finished behind him. Their rows were decided by their uniforms, their uniforms signifying their grade. The stands of benches were in two huge lines facing each other, the doors to the ceremony room facing opposite the priest and choir. On the left side were the girls, on the right the boys. The ninth graders, or first years, sat in the first two rows of benches. Then the second years sat in the next two rows, third years in the next two and so on and so forth.

Once the choir finished all eyes turned to the priest, who raised his arms, his robes rising with them.

"Welcome, and welcome back. As many of you have previously heard, we have a new nurse here at the John England Catholic High School for Girls and Boys. I'm afraid he's running a bit late though due to setting up the nurse's office, since he seems to think the current setup is outdated." The priest had a rather cold look as he said this. "Now we shall say prayer. Raise your hands to the lord." He raised his own hands in prayer, the students doing the same, though more in their laps. While priest spoke his prayer from the book before him, a more gutsy first year girl spoke her own under her breath.

"May ye forgive me, may ye look down upon me in sympathy and may I not falter, not waver from my task, not fall though this shackles binding me may make me at any moment. Please Lord, please, don't be given up on me already." She mouthed, oblivious, since her own eyes were closed with most of the students', that crystal gray eyes were memorizing her lips movements.

"Amen." The priest finished, the students mimicking him. The choir started up again, being constructed of fourth year students who were so honorably chosen to sing for this ceremony. The students were usually supposed to be quiet while the choir sang, but it was common for them to chat quietly during this particular song, so as to know who they would be dealing with for the next four years of their lives, unless of course they transferred.

The black haired first year who had mouthed her own prayer let out a sigh, leaning back slightly in her seat. The first year uniform for girls was fairly basic, a white sweater with the school's logo over the right breast pocket and the option of black pants or a black long skirt. You weren't allowed to wear anything but the assigned cloth-top white shoes in the building, and were expected to wear white socks or stockings. This black haired student had decided on the skirt and white ankle socks.

The girl beside her, who had tan skin and rather dazzling every-colored hair that was quite different from her gray, emotionless eyes, had decided to wear the skirt as well, but had on rainbow-striped stockings. Her eyebrows, as if to prove her exotic hair was indeed dyed, were black, which was one color her hair didn't have. She also, which was just barely permitted by the school, wore white gloves that stopped just past her wrists.

"Heyla thar." The darker skinned of the two whispered, leaning an elbow on the wooden stand that separated the benches from the hall. Her accent was rather thick, her voice low and surprisingly short-carrying. The black haired girl blinked, looking to her new classmate.

"Uh, h-hello." She whispered, her own voice a bit squeaky.

"Ah liked yer prayer." The tan girl smiled, almost smirking. "Mah name is Bon."

"Oh, uh… I'm Alita." She gave a small smile, her cheeks reddening slightly. "I didn't think anyone could lip-read anymore."

"Ah com' from a weird place." Bon gave a slight shrug, sitting upright when the choir finished.

"Ah, finally you're here." The priest smiled to the man who walked up to him. This man, apparently the new nurse, had shoulder-length black hair, very pale skin that almost made him look sickly, and piercing, deadpan violet eyes. He wore a black suit and tie, carrying a white cotton coat on his arm, apparently having been pried from the nurse's office to greet the students. His eyes looked over the students, who gaped back at him, as he stood by the priest for a good two minutes in silence.

"Students, this is Mister Alice, he's the new school nurse." The priest said, stepping to one side as to let Alice take the stand, but he did not.

"Come by if you have any problems or injuries or illnesses. I can also hold daily, weekly or monthly medications as needed for those who wish not to lose them." Alice said very clearly, his very feminine voice carrying to one side of the room and back without the microphone.

"Alright, thank you Mister… Alice." The head nun said nervously, taking the stand. "All students staying in dorms this year please refer to Sister Ellen, all students housing elsewhere please report to your classes."

"Ya dormin'?" Bon asked Alita as the students all stood.

"Yes, are you?" Alita asked back quietly, shuffling over to speak to the older woman who was assigning dorms.

"Sure am." Bon grinned. "Maybe we'll be being in t'e same dorm."

"Maybe." Alita smiled, lightly blushing once more. Suddenly the new nurse was over by them, giving them odd looks for a moment before heading out of the hall with the non-dorming students.


"Ah get ta share a dorm wit' her too." Bon grinned, sitting on the white sheeted mattress and kicking her feet back and forth under it. Alice sighed, putting different medications in the cabinet before him and listening to her.

"That's nice." He said with his feminine voice. "I don't recall inviting you here, but if you're going to be here, do something useful."

"How 'bout Ah braid ya hair?" Bon pulled the black hair over to her, Alice gritting his teeth in pain. "Yah, so anyways, she's real cute and Ah think she and Ah are gonna be friends, donchya?"

"Sure, whatever." Alice groaned, his hair being braided against his will. "When I said "something useful" I actually meant work, not my hair."

"Ah want to be braidin' ya hair." Bon humphed. The nurse's office door opened, Alita blinking at the sight of Bon braiding the nurse's hair. "Alita!"

"Uhm, h-hello. Have I come at a bad time? Oh! I should have knocked, I'm sorry--"

"No worries. You must be Alita Jackson then." Alice smiled, snatching his hair back, it staying braided anyways. "What can I do for you?"

"Uhm, I was wondering if you could hold my medication…" She lifted a shaky hand with a semi-clear orange bottle.

"Of course." Alice took the tiny jar, putting it in a separate cabinet than the others. "Calm down, she might be a bit weird, but I assure you Bon is very understanding and kind when she wants to be."

"That wasn't--" Alita was cut off by Alice's rather jovial yet sadisticsmile.

"I know." He said smoothly. "Why don't you two run along now, I have quite a bit left to do here."

"Yes sir." Alita looked to Bon, who hopped off the bed and walked over to her.

"Mkah, yeah. See ya 'round Alice." Bon gave a wave, putting a hand absentmindedly on Alita's shoulder, getting the other girl to blink and lower herself a bit.

"S-so uhm, I guess you know Mister Alice from a previous encounter…?" Alita questioned, obviously trying to keep up small conversation to avoid any awkward silences.

"Somethin' like that, we've been knowin' each others fer a looong time." Bon smiled, steering Alita away from the doorframe she almost ran into. There was a long hallway of rooms, all for girls, since the boys were down the opposing hallway. "Har we be bein'!" Bon stopped at the door labeled 'G-347'.

"Uh-uhm, th-thank you." Alita mumbled, Bon blinking.

"Fer what?" Bon dropped her hand from Alita's shoulder, opening the wooden door and letting Alita step in before going in herself and closing the door.

"I almost ran into the doorframe…" Alita looked around the room, noticing her bags were already by the end of the bed, which was a bunk bed.

"Ah, tha'. Dun menti'n it, Ah'm a nice girlier, I dun min'." Bon grinned, hopping up to the top bunk and kicking her shoes off. "Night."

Alita blinked, looking up at the mess of rainbow colored hair.

"You're going to sleep already?" Alita questioned, looking a bit like she had seen a ghost.

"Uh-huh, Bible studies being star'ed at the c'ack o' the dawn." Bon mumbled into her pillow.

"O-oh. I'll just… clean up some, and then go to bed as well." Alita gave a small smile, taking off her own shoes and putting them by Bon's, which she put next to the ladder.

"Dun worry 'bout it, jus' ge' som' sleep." Bon mumbled, leaning over the bed some. "Ya?"

Alita took a minute before answering to translate, blush and then smile.



The nuns taught all of the classes, which were separated out by year and gender. The classes were taught in a separate building than the nurse's office, main hall, dormitories and lunch hall were in. It was a ten minute walk from the main building to the classes building, so students had to wake up even earlier to get to classes. Girls and boys were separated by a rather thick wall, and those of the wrong gender found on the wrong side of the wall were punished. Classes were to be calm; students were expected to maintain order.

The classes were dull, so Bon thought, but she sat impatiently through them, drawing random doodles on her notebook's open page, waiting for the Bible quotes to end. She started writing random drivel, until she was caught in her bored daze by the nun teaching the class.

"Miss, Miss…" The nun looked at the girl for a moment, trying to figure out how to say her last name. "Sa-que?"

"Saqué." Bon said smoothly, the 'qu' silent.

"Miss Saqué, please pay attention in class." The nun said sternly.

"Sorry Sister Anne." Bon said in a droned voice. The nun huffed before looking back down at the book in her lap.

Alita blinked, a note being handed to her from a girl she didn't know. On it was a map of the room with her desk vaguely circled. She opened it in her lap, trying to still watch Sister Anne and look at the paper. In rather neat handwriting she didn't recognize was her name. It was in rather curly, pretty letters. Then there was a small '-Bon' in neat up-right letters. Alita stared at it for a long moment before giggling quietly and folding the paper back up, putting it in her skirt pocket. She turned her attention fully to Sister Anne once more.


"MISS SA-SA- BON!" Sister Ronny slammed a ruler on the girl's desk, snapping her to attention.

"Ya ma'am?!" Bon blinked, realizing she had fallen asleep in the evening class. It was the last class of the day, which just happened to be math for the tanned girl.

"Can you please tell me the solution to the problem on the board?" The nun huffed. Bon looked over at it.

"Four hundred ninety seven." Bon squinted at the board, then sat up straight again.

"Correct." Sister Ronny blinked, walking back to the head of the class. Bon put her head back on her desk, short hair sliding to lay on it.


When classes finally ended the sun was setting to turn the sky purple. Bon huffed over to the nurse's office, deciding to knock before entering.

"Please come in." Alice's lazy feminine voice rang, and Bon opened the door, closing it behind her. She strolled over to the white bed, sitting on it.

"Nuh patien's yet?" Bon looked around the office, Alice shrugging.

"Not really, but that's a good thing in my opinion." Alice gave a slight shrug. "I've scoped out the girls with the name Alice. How's your little dorm-mate doing?"

"Good." Bon said smugly. "Where ya livin'?"

"In a dorm, of course. Find any others yet?" Alice asked, his tone changing.

"Nah, they don't pop out o' nowhere, ya know. I dun think they're in a church schoo' anywaysers." Bon huffed, flopping down on the bed. "What meds she takin'?"

"Stomach pills, she should come by daily for them." Alice smirked, his hair braided once more, though this time tied with a black band. "Why, worried it was birth control?"

"No." Bon said rather coldly, enunciating the 'o'. "Ah was jus' wonderin'."

There was a knock on the door.

"Please come in." Alice mimicked his former tone of voice, the door opening and Alita stepping in. "Ah, here." Alice smiled, handing her a small pill and a cup of water. She nodded, muttering a thank you and gulping the pill down with the water. Alice took the cup, throwing it in the trash for her.

"Heyla thar." Bon smiled, hopping from the bed.

"Oh, hello…" Alita blushed a bit, smiling.

"Bon, please look around for that for me, won't you?" Alice asked, his deadpan violet eyes for once hinting an emotion of sorts.

"Uh… oh, yah, surely." Bon gave a nod, then smiled to her dorm-mate. "C'mon dormy, let's be getting back, yah?"

The two girls left, the nurse waiting for the door to clunk close before raising his hand to his chin in thought.

"I do hope you can do as well as you think you can." He closed his narrow eyes, a smirk coming across his face. "My darling Miss Coelophysis."

&&&end chapter&&&

some notes from the author: This site is a bit corny, but it has basic info on the dinos that will be showing up here: for those of you who are curious. Anyways, welcome to my new story's first chapter end. I know this was a rather short first chapter, and that it went zoom! like and stuff, but try to keep up, okay? I still can't believe I put this in a catholic church, I am SO going to hell. Don't worry, the story's going to be very active from now on, er, hopefully. I'm actually praying this won't be a HORRIBLY long story, and since things are going pretty quick so far, I'm thinking it might actually happen this time. By the way, I have no interests in dinos personally… no idea why I decided to write this. Aaaaanyways, people wondering why there aren't loads of guy characters: because I need a change! If Alita was a guy, that would be weird. So she's not. Anyways AGAIN, I hope this wasn't too hard on anyone, and I hope you wish me luck on this evil thing!