By Shion

Chapter Thirty: Good Bye Again, But Not Forever

September 9th, 2020, the 21st anniversary of the day Alita Jackson and Bon Saqué met. No matter how many years spread between the fingers of the immortal dinosaurs, they didn't age a minute. After departing in their separate directions the dinosaurs didn't find themselves meeting back up. Bon and Alita joined the search for Highness Jehovah, Christopher and Lord Satan, but none of the three had been found, despite the best efforts of Angels and Devils alike. Many others had disappeared off the map; Bad Person, Emiry and Alice had all gone mysteriously missing. Though Emiry was really just sitting in a cemetery with bones in her lap and Bad was looking for Alice, who had indeed disappeared from all communication. Also it seemed Karma had rose from the grave and gotten himself lost somewhere unknown.

The sun creaked over the crisp cold skies of Tokyo, the city already too busy to notice. Alice stood with his hair pulled back into a tight pony, reading glasses poised on his nose, book in hand, but his eyes stared at the light saying not to cross, and the building behind the light. In a second the light changed and he joined the large crowd across the street, sending his eyes downwards into the book in his hands.

"Ohayo Alice-sama!" A dark haired girl smiled.

"Ohayo... Sera-chan." Alice greeted, glancing to see who she was. She stood behind the counter of a bookstore, wearing her hair in layered pink pigtails, her eyes and lips also pink. She wore a maid's uniform, which was black with pink lace, along with long pale pink gloves. "Anata wa kirei kyō." Alice kept to his feminine monotone, but it still made the girl blush.

"A-arigatou!!" She squeaked.

"Hai." Alice put the book he had on the shelf where it belonged, then walked into the back room where a woman in a kimono sat, singing along to American rock poorly. "Ohayo Joshi-san."

"Eh?!" She jumped, hitting her stereo to make it stop, though it only turned down so she could actually hear. "Ah! Ohayo Alice-san! Genki desu ka?" She grinned to him.

"Hai, genki." Alice said, pulling off his reading glasses and putting them on top of his head.

"Remember when I hired you?" She said, rich in her accent and hard to understand.

"Hai." Alice ignored her thick speech, not sure just how much English she knew.

"Today you fired. I find Karma, you go." She smiled. "Karma hiding in basement of China Noodle place, sister owns. You go, free noodles, you find little boy, run wild. Sayonara bai-bai!"


"Did you see the ghost in the cemetery?!"

"I know, she's so creepy!"

"Just sitting there, bones in her lap, wailing and crying and keeping anyone nearby awake."

"No one lives around there anymore."

"Good thing, too."

"What cemetery is this?"

"We passed it like half a minute ago, geeze, pay attention."

"Oh, that one back there?"


The two boys and the girl stopped, looking at each other awkwardly. Then they looked back, seeing a tall man in multi-colored pinstripe looking back at the cemetery.

"Well then, I best be off." The man smiled, raising his tall hat, which showed he hid horns and a glowing light beneath it. He turned, his long twisting hair flowing out in the cool breeze.

"Oh wow... d'you think he's a movie star?! He's gorgeous!" The girl smiled, her eyes locked on his figure. Both boys raised their noses and harrumphed.

"He's just some lost loser tourist."

"A freak show fanatic, I'd say!"

"He's beautiful..."

"Children." Bad scoffed, walking into the cemetery. He spotted the white-haired woman and sat beside her.

"Good evening Bad." She smiled.

"It's morning Emiry."

"It doesn't really matter."

"Are you going to stay here forever?"

"Sounds about right. What about you?"

"You know how I like the road."


The walls were painted like mosaics of death and destruction.

"Oh Alice..." Encrypted words in the brain of the eagle source.

A swift embrace and three little words gave it all away.

"I love you." Then the fourth word; "Karma."

"Who... are you?"

"You might not remember me, but I remember you. From a long time ago, when I killed you for a better idea than I planned. I loved you then and nothing's changed. Please let me stay by your side, I will let you live as a king."


"It seems he's been having some problems with the other students..." A woman in bottle-cap spectacles declared, looking over her desk at Ziggy and John.

"Yes, he's explained it to us. But he's a thirteen year old boy, he can't help it. We're not his real parents and we don't pretend to be. Some of the other kids made fun of him and he became upset. His father was the same way, calm as hell until you hit a nerve." Ziggy explained with a sigh. "I'm sorry for his behavior..."

"Not good enough! He's been rioting! Expulsion is the only option I see left!" The woman yelled.

"Alright, let's go Zeeg." John said, standing and leading her away.

"Oh I feel horrible. We keep moving because he has these problems in school. Hells forbid they find out his real parents are both men. Well I guess we're moving again. At least nowadays we can stand each other every day of the year." Ziggy gave a heavy sigh.

"Where is he anyway?" John asked, Ziggy blinking.

"Uh, he went... somewhere... he'll be home by four." Ziggy laughed nervously.



"BURN IT DOWN!!" The black haired boy laughed, a few others throwing lit matches at the building. He began to laugh louder, the flames reflecting on his pale cheeks. His eyes were golden and slightly sunken; he was tall and lanky and wore a rather weird dress with a pink apron.

"Looks swell, Good!" One of the boys congratulated him.

"Thanks Leopold, ol' chap! We'll be making the headlines today for certain!" Good chuckled, his eyes painted with grey makeup to match his dress.

"That reminds me, what's with your outfit today? I thought you were going to be Snow White." The boy pointed to the dress.

"I changed my mind. Now I'm the Death Fairy." Good smirked. "What do you think, Leopold?"

"Just as good, maybe even better," said Leopold, who seemed to be completely unbothered, perhaps because he was wearing leather boots, black pants and no shirt, which was a little odd as well. He had tattoos all over his upper body, including a Chinese dragon and a German storm-trooper, modeled after his grandfather.

"Thank you Leopold! Oh, but look at the time! I promised Ziggy I'd be home by four. Would you like to have dinner with us? I believe John's making Thai food." Good patted Leopold on the back.

"Sure. Should we wait for the firefighters?" Leopold asked, the building collapsing in the flames.

"Nah, there was no one in the church. Besides, we might get in trouble or something. Pack it up boys, get back home and tell your folks you love 'em unless you don't!" Good ordered, getting the crowd to die down to spectators.

"Are you okay Good? I think you got a cinder on your cheek." Leopold said, pointing to a burn on Good's face as they began to walk from the flaming church.

"I'm fine. How about you?" Good asked back.

"Oh I'm quite well!" Leopold said quickly.



"Thank you very much, please come again!" Jacinta smiled, the man tipping his hat to her. She giggled, cleaning up his table in the café. The chime of the door's Christmas bell rang through the room and Jacinta prepared to greet the customer, blinking. "Good morning Mo! It's so nice to see you!"

"Hey..." Mo raised an eyebrow. Mo was dressed for work, having started writing columns for a magazine. "Always so damn happy now... I come here every morning, you see me everyday."

"Yes, and it's so nice to see you. Have a seat; I'll get your caramel coffee and muffin." Jacinta smiled, hopping off.


"Pick up the pace, Tutu!" Salali yelled down the stairs.

"Isn't it nice to have our own home, in the middle of the country?" Tu sighed, carrying a large box up the stairs. "Traveling was fun, but it is about time we settled down."

"Stop flapping your yap and get the box up here, Tutu." Salali rolled her eyes, pulling a cigar from her ear and lighting it.

"Hey, this doll is broken." Tu said, getting to the top of the stairs and putting the box down. He pulled out the mentioned porcelain doll, showing the crack to Salali.

"Yeah, so?" Salali raised an eyebrow.

"Why are you lugging around a broken doll?" Tu questioned.

"I lug you around, right? She's prettier and better company, why wouldn't I keep her around?" Salali smirked. "Besides, I like her."

"Well that's all that matters then." Tu smiled.

"Mommy!" A shriek came.

"Sounds like Emma's running wild again." Salali said, looking down the spiral staircase. "Emma, your mommy's gone to the store; she'll be back in a few. What do you need?"

"Daniel hit me!" The voice yelled back.

"He did what?!" Salali jumped down the railing, Tu suppressing a laugh.

"Isn't it great living next door to a woman with kids?" Tu smirked, looking at the doll again, shaking his head.


"Today in Middle Cemetery two bodies were found, one freshly rotten and the other a full skeleton. The scene has yet to be figured out, as the bones seem to be hundreds of years old, though there were no previously seen corpses in the cemetery over it's thousand-year career. Scientists spectate the bones were probably dug up by some kids, or a grave robber. However, the corpse seemed to bring more intrigue, as it was a woman, but seemed to have many odd features. These including four inch retractable fangs, nails made of silver and eyes that seem to be similar to a cat's. This corpse, though seeming to have freshly escaped the rigor mortis phase, is estimated to be seven hundred years old. Here's a photograph from of what the corpse looks like, as if she's just in a peaceful doze."

"Looks like they found Emiry and Loch." Ziggy commented, turning off the television.

"Not in very good shape. Poor humans, trying to figure out the semi-immortals' corpses." John smirked, sitting down at the table and admiring the Thai-food spread.

"Yeah, I feel bad for them. Hey, speaking of immortals, whatever happened to the others, d'you know?" Ziggy asked, glancing over at the clock, which was two minutes away from four.

"Salali sent a letter, remember? Mo writes columns in Zee Bop Magazine and I think Jacinta works in a café. You know Alice went to Japan, he sends those postcards." John paused to think.

"You keep those away from where Good would find them, right? I don't want him knowing we know where his father is." Ziggy expressed her concern.

"Yeah, I have them hidden." John said, the door opening and cutting the conversation short.

"I'm back Ziggy! Hey John. Is it okay that Leopold eats with us, you know how his folks are." Good announced himself and his guest, walking over to the table, Leopold closing the door.

"There's plenty for everyone. Sit down, how was your day?"


"Daily report?" Bon looked to Feta, who took a deep breath.

"Sera's found something. She said to get you two." Feta gave a small bow.

"Okay. C'mon Alita." Bon took the other girl's hand, both nodding to each other before following Feta to a small dark room. "What is it Sera?"

Seraphim sat in a corner, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, her wings' feathers frayed and her mouth slack. Four moths sat on her left shoulder.

"I found them." Seraphim's voice came, though her mouth didn't move.

"Where are they?" Alita asked, bending down next to the Asian girl.

"I'm not sure. Hold Feta's hand, both of you, and come along." Seraphim's arm raised, and Feta took it. Mel, who was hiding in the other corner, reached out and held Seraphim's other hand. Both Bon and Alita took Feta's unoccupied hand, and they all disappeared.


"More tea?" Kiyoshi smiled, pouring tea for the smiling Sunshine.

"What do we owe your visit?" Yasuo asked. They had moved to the Himalayas, and snow was blowing madly outside their window. Sunshine began to wave her arms around in explanation, but Yasuo and Kiyoshi both looked at her blankly.

"Hm, I do wish one of us knew sign language, don't you?" Kiyoshi commented, Sunshine pausing.

"It would help." Yasuo agreed. Sunshine gave a hefty sigh, then started looking around for paper and a writing utensil.


"The orb was a transportation device." Seraphim said, standing. Her eyes rolled forward, her mouth closing. "It's some place right of Limbo, I think. I didn't even know it was possible, but now that I think about it, wasn't Christopher's mother a builder angel?"

"Yes. She was widely known for her ability to build quickly and with great ease. She constructed many of the secret chambers of Heaven and even helped with the creation of earth. When we lost her, it was a great tragedy to the continuation of the building of Heaven. Work slowed immensely after she left." Feta explained.

"Where'd she go?" Alita asked, Feta taking a deep breath.

"Well, she was banished. Her right wing was taken from her and given to her baby—Christopher, and from there she was sent to earth with her mate. I believe she still lives there with him." Feta gave a shrug.

"So... Christopher's father... what was he?" Alita asked, now quite curious.

"Human. But he eats her cooking, so of course, he's being fed little tiny bits of angelic power. Hasn't aged a day since he met her." Feta smirked, then blinked.

"See that up there?" Mel was the first to ask.

"Yeah." Bon gave a small nod.

"Is it them?" Seraphim asked, squinting a bit.

"We'll have to get closer to know for sure." Feta said simply.

With that, their pace seemed to double.

A face turned towards them and a blank expression greeted them. Then a realization, and a warm, motherly smile.

"Hello there." A sharp, familiar and strange voice filled the air. Like a bad recording of a man and a woman's voice, layered together and not quite synced up, scratchy but fluid.

"Highness!" Feta saluted, Seraphim doing the same. Mel bowed deeply, but Bon and Alita just stared at the being.

"Where are Christopher and Lord Satan?" Seraphim asked, looking around.

"Little Brother is right here." Jehovah said, lifting it's arm to reveal the sleeping thing. "He'll wake soon. Christopher died as far as I know, I could never find him."

"But, I was sure—" Seraphim started, only to be interrupted by Jehovah standing.

"Let's get back to Heaven."

&&&end chapter&&&
&&&&end story&&&&

The Author's Last Stand: Kinda sucks as an ending, but really, what was I expecting? There will be a second story though, not a sequel, just another brick in the wall. So if anyone made it through IODO here, come back for the next one. Not sure what it'll be called or anything. I'm also going to be writing some other stuff, and uh, I will, I swear, BlackNailedBeauty, read your stuff ASAP. You've been flooding my email! Which is cool and yet... well, I'll get around to it, I promise!!