Hey all,

I can't believe after nearly 5 years I'm still getting reviews on this story. I just wanted to thank everyone who has reviewed, read, and/or favorited this story. Somehow it was even nominated for a "LaCampanella Award." (.) That was a surprise, to say the least. If the person who nominated me is reading this – I owe you cookies – that was hell of cool.

I feel like I haven't written anything in years. Life catches up and all of a sudden you have a husband-to-be and a newborn and are trying to buy a house where you can have a yard and a dog. It probably IS time to get back to writing for me, and all of these reviews throughout the years have made me remember how much I love it.

Again. Thank you everyone for taking the time to read this story – even if you didn't review. I'm consistently blown away by what you all have to say, and by how many people have loved this story as much as I loved writing it.