Chapter 2: Unrest with the Unfamiliar

Marcellus walked as rear guard as Periphetes guided the way. Though to where he had no idea. The man was a mystery and he wouldn't let him forget the fact that he knew his native language. Neither had said a word to the other in the past four hours that they had been on the road. Marcellus preferred it that way though. It kept things as it should be, and let him keep his own thoughts while not having to hear Periphetes.

Problem was therewere a few things that was nagging at him to ask the old man. How did he know where to find him? How he knew what he was in essence. And most importantly, how much did he know about his kind? These were things that Marcellus relied on his patience to keep from asking, because he knewhe'd be breaking open the flood gates if he spoke up. Well, after a time it proved to be too much of a challenge, though luckily not forMarcellus.

"Tell me friend." Periphetes started at last, "What exactly is a Haima Daimovnion? I mean, I've study them. But they portray these 'blood demons' as vicious creatures that hunter and slaughter day and night with constant blood lust."

Marcellus stared at the back of the priest's head in interest. He was looking straight ahead to avoid tripping over the potholes in the road, and did not make eye contact with Marcellus. His manner was curious, had he also learned it was best to ask questions to his kind by not looking at them? Marcellus smirked, not that it mattered. He had given his word that he would hurt the poor old fool. And he might as well humor the old man.

"We call ourselves Eñöd Dæmçoné ." Marcellus said placidly, "It more or less means the same thing as what you call us. And yes, some of us can be rather ruthless."

"And what status are you? And why aren't you in Hell?" Periphetes inquired quickly as he finally slowed to Marcellus's pace to look at him in the face.

Marcellus just stared down at him and quickened his own speed to avoid the man's gaze. Periphetes did not follow. "I have no status." Marcellus answered gravely; he hoped his tone would end the discussion at that.

"No status? How is that possible?" Periphetes mused almost to himself.

"It is." Marcellus said curtly with a hiss. He could feel Periphetes' eyes on the back of his head, and knew the man had finally gotten the hint. It was something he didn't want to talk about. Thinking about it alone was enough to make him boil with a mixture of hatred and sorrow.

As the mid-spring colored sunset early in the east the two made camp in silence. Marcellus found the spot and started to make a small fire, though he himself had no need for it. He made it as he kept an eye on Periphetes, the man had answered the most nagging question he had had, the others would come eventually. Periphetes spread out his bed roll between two gnarled roots of a tree and proceeded to pull out his charms and encircle the camp site with wards.

Marcellus fed the flames as he watched Periphetes out of the corner of his eye. He remembered the man's question, and watched as the flame slipped into the shapes and forms of burning flesh and war fires. As the dancing flames gripped Marcellus' attention Periphetes finished placing hiswards and sat down onto his bed.

"Marcellus?" He heard Periphetes call through his burning memories. Marcellus' eyes shot up away from the fire to stare into the man's concerned eyes. "You looked like you were in pain."

Marcellus continued to glare at him with a stone hard gaze, "Its none of your concern."

"I think it is if my companion his fighting with his inner demons." Periphetes countered.

"My inner demons?" Marcellus laughed out loud at the irony, " I am a demon."

"I am aware of that, my friend." Periphetes said carefully as he studied Marcellus's features. "But that does not mean you are not haunted by your past mistakes."

Marcellus looked at the prophet levelly, "I have nothing that I regret," he said with conviction, and in all but one case it was the truth. All except for that one, he had done what he should have when he should have done it. Even siding with an old man was probably the best thing he could have done at the time.

"Really?" He said with a touch of surprise, "Well, if you are so sure…" Periphetes finished lamely before glancing at their surroundings and laid down.Soon he was fast asleep.

Marcellus scanned the forest around him too, he had scouted this entire area many times. He had purposefully stuck them up wind so he could smell the shadow hunters, and he still could but they had not followed them out of the town. Soon though, they would realize their mistake and come after them. He looked over to the old man; andto think the man would probably pay with his life for it. Hesnorted to himselfand laid down upon the hard packed earth and slowly let its sounds of sleep lull him into his own restful state.

The night closed in around him, as he cowered in the corner of his existence. The heat of Dark One's hands reached out for him, but not before they were distracted by the glare of Lord of Light's power. He was helpless, trapped between the two, unable to run or even move. As they fought he felt Dark One reach out to him again. Then, as she strode across the battle field, she broke apart the battles and made the dark One's hand waver as it reached for him. She scooped him up and carried him off towards the twilight….

Marcellus woke up to the sound of the crow flying overhead asit searched for carrion for its breakfast. The woods were alive again, which made Marcellus glad. All was right with the world, and he hopefully would never have to hear the silence of the world like he did so many years ago after the Rebellion.

He got up and stretched before walking off to go find a stream he could hear gurgling a few meters away. The old man would be fine, especially with his wards all around the campsite. The stream was small, but enough for Marcellus to refill a canteen he knew the old man would need and splash some water on his face to rise away the memory of sleep.

When he returned Periphetes was awake and munching on some dried meat as he packed his bedroll away into his bag and threw it over his shoulder. Marcellus ignored him and kicked out the remaining embers in the fire, then covered it over with dirt.

"We are lucky, the sun rose early for us to start out early this morning." Periphetes said conversationally as they stepped back onto the road. Marcellus just nodded, even though he knew that the sun had risen at approximately the same time that morning as it had any other, it was better to just let the man think what he would.

Marcellus fell behind Periphetes again and walked at his slow pace so not to over run the man. They traveled in silence again, for Marcellus wanted nothing to do with the man or what he could possibly want the company of a demon for. The answers would come with time.

As the wind changed direction dramatically he caught the scent of rain on the wind. "Periphetes, is there a town nearby?" He asked hastily.

The prophet looked back at him with a befuddled expression, but answered. "Why yes, it's still about an hour's walk away and it's a bit out of the way, why?'

"Because we're going to want shelter soon." Marcellus said simply.

Periphetes looked up to the clear sky, "I don't see why, the sky is still clear and its still too early in the session for rain storms."

"That doesn't mean much." Marcellus countered as he looked around him, " Which way?"


"Which way is this town?" Marcellus snapped, the last thing he wanted was to get caught out in the rain with the man.

He pointed off to the right of the road, "That way, I'm surprised you cannot smell it."

Marcellus growled low at the comment but took the lead as he plunged into the woods, "Keep close behind, we cannot wait until we find the fork in the road. The storm is moving fast." He noted that Periphetes looked up at the sky again questioningly, but Marcellus knew the man would thank him when the sky opened up and let the torrential downpour out somewhere other then onto of their heads.

He pushed the foliage and plowed a path for Periphetes as the clouds began to loom over head.

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