You can tell that she's in her own world
That she's locking everyone else out of it
You can see everything melt from her face
She's sweating, and her makeup's running
But it runs with her troubles and insecurities
And you can tell she enjoys it

She knows all the cues in the song
Nothing has changed, she's heard it before
She likes the way she has control
Over what she does to a consistent song
You can see the stability in her steps,
Even though she leaps and twirls without thinking
A different way each time

Class is almost over, and we need to keep moving
But I just can't interrupt her
This is her favorite part, she knows the pauses
And breathes by heart
She pirouettes, then stops, a changement, then stops
Each break her body takes a spontaneous form
The way she breaks out of it and side steps again
Is beautiful
And strong

The song ends, and she halts in a final dramatic pose
I laugh and clap for her because I've enjoyed her performance
She pulls back the hair her wind has freed from her ponytail
She's out of her world and people can see her
We finish clapping because the trance is broken
She cares again what she looks like

She's still beautiful
And her eyes still have a hint of the passage
She took to escape for just a moment