In a time of swords, shields, and sorcery, the Hellspawn King, Ifiros is terrorizing the people of the medieval kingdom of Edenia. Ifiros' reign has cast darkness over Edenia, with his numerous minions spreading Ifiros' rule to even places beyond Edenia's borders. Thus has caused many warriors to come to bear arms against Ifiros' tyranny as neither man nor elf, dwarf, bestial or anything else can be safe until his hordes are defeated. But this story has an unlikely hero, who has lost everything of value in his life, which has made him just as heartless as Ifiros' minion as how he thinks of himself. The people of Edenia have nicknamed him the Shadowreaver from the way he strikes down his enemies with ease and disappears into the shadows without a trace. He is feared as he considers all to be his enemy.


"Mi lady, we have taught you everything we know. The rest you must learn on your own," says the old man. "I thank you, Great Mage. I shall use your teachings to the best of my ability," bows the young sorceress. "We wish you a safe journey, Golden Heart!" shout the apprentice mages as the sorceress walks out the village. The young sorceress travels through the woods for 2 nights and the next day, she comes across a meadow full of flames. She knees down and picks up a few flowers and admires their beauty and smell.

Suddenly, she is alarmed by the sounds of battle in the next forest. "I guess it's time to test my training," says the young sorceress to herself as she rushes into the forest. She then catches a glimpse of several Ogre Knights (the lowest level servants of Ifiros) attacking a knight in black armor. "Shadowreaver, we can smell the blood of our brothers all over ye! For that, you shall meet thy maker!" she hears them say. "I eagerly await my demise as I'll be free from this hell of living. I gave thy brothers the gift of death that I shall gladly share to ye!" shouts the knight as he draws his sword and holds up his shield. The sorceress is shocked at how quickly and easily the knight hacks and slashes through the Ogre Knights' numbers, as she hides and watches from behind some bushes. "The legends are true! The Shadowreaver will feast on our souls and giving us death to all!" shout the Ogre Knights as they begin to flee. The knight begins to pursue his prey until he stumbles over the sorceress hiding in the bushes. "A vixen corrupted by thy Ogre masters! Alas, I shall give ye the gift of death as well!" says the knight as he slashes at the sorceress. "Are ye mad? I shall never ally with the likes of Ogres!" says the sorceress as she blocks his sword with her mage staff. She then chants, "Frigid Javelos" as an ice spear is hurled towards the knight and through his heart. "Ye fights well, young witch, but my hell won't end so easily," says the knight as he pulls the spear from his body. The sorceress then performs another spell, which this time commands the plant life nearby to bind and constrict the knight, thus ceasing his attack on the sorceress. The sorceress then walks toward the knight and slaps him. "Hurry and end thy hell in this world, woman!" exclaims the knight. She slaps him again and says, "Why is ye is so miserable? I do not wish to harm ye." "I am alone in this world. Ifiros and others who thought we worked for him killed my kind and family. I am Dante Malice, the last of the Devilkin. And who ye be witch?" he asks. "You have my sympathy. I am the sorceress Elandra, the Golden Heart. I am called that because I am the one of my people's lore speaks of who will stop a great evil with my pure heart. I watched you fight, Sir Dante. You are quite powerful and I think you would not be alone if you travel with me. I understand that ye may not like my kind but ye must learn to trust someone in this world. I am at ye mercy if ye will not trust me," she replies as she releases the binding spell on Dante. "No, mi lady, I am at yours. I would like to be the knight of one with a pure heart, but I am not worthy. My heart is black as the shadows I dwell from. And yet I seek vengeance for my people as I wish to bathe in the blood of who slain them," he adds as he slashes through a nearby tree. "I see goodness in your heart as you hide it behind a blanket of darkness. How about this, you help me use my pure heart overcome the great evil that made ye alone in this world?" asks Elandra. "Agreed, Lady Elandra. You shall be the light in my darkness. I shall be your knight as long as your heart is pure. You betray me and you'll be just like those Ogre Knights (he points his sword towards her)," he says as he withdraws his weapon.

-End of Introduction-

"We have come to terms…"