Chapter 1 - "The Demon within us all"

Sir Dante and Lady Elandra finally reach the end of the forest when Elandra asks, "Sir Dante, why ye holds your sword so tightly?" He turns and answers, "I don't really trust ye fully yet. Plus, I smell blood in the air along with something else." "It's prolly the stench of those Ogre Knights ye have slain plus that wound of yours on your chest. Besides you should have that treated you know," she adds. "No it's not, witch. Plus ye shouldn't worry about my health. I don't die as easy as most do," he says as he drapes his cloak over his wound, still gripping his sword rather tightly. Elandra sighs and says, "Foolish man. Can't you see I'm trying to - -" Suddenly, Sir Dante turns around quickly and stabs toward her head with his sword drawn. The stab barely misses her head as the Ogre Knight behind her falls. "H-h-how did ye know? I owe ye my life, sir. You're not as evil as ye think," she says to him. "Don't tell me about myself. Ye doesn't understand. Besides I told you I smelled blood and he was other thing I noticed but that scent isn't gone. There's a dragoon nearby," he says as he walks ahead of her yet again. "A dragoon? But I thought those were extinct though?" she asks. "Aye, you are correct but you forget that one of Ifiros' lietenants, a necromancer, has the ability to revive the dead to serve the Hellspawn King. I smell dead flesh as well so I know he is nearby as well. I suggest ye bare ye arms now. They are VERY close," smiles Dante as he draws his sword again.

Sir Dante and Lady Elandra look up to the sky as they hear the shrieks of something in the air, as a dragoon, a huge dragon-man hybrid, is divebombing towards them. Elandra chants, "Heavens strike ye down!" as a lightning bolt hits the dragoon. It is unaffected by the attack as Sir Dante shouts, "Don't use elemental attacks!! That will only make it stronger!! I'll handle this dragoon ye should find the necromancer who is controlling it." "But you're at an disadvantage on the ground. I would have a better chance with my spells," says Elandra. Sir Dante starts laughing as he undrapes his cloak from his back a little to unreveal a pair of bat-like wings. "I am not a pure hearted soul like ye. I am the devil himself. I've killed so many it's a shame they mistake me for him and that dragoon will be another to add to the list!!" he says as he takes flight with his sword drawn. "Why must he always put himself down? Anyways, I must fight this necromancer before we're in more trouble than we are now," thinks Elandra as she wonders down the forest path. She stops at a clearing, where she finds a necromancer sitting on the ground smiling at her. "I've should've known it was a foolish sorceress who thought she could kill my dragoon with elemental magic. (he stands up) I wonder how you would do against my army of the dead?" laughs the necromancer as the ground begins to shake as dozens of corpses begin to erupt from the ground. "I'm not a pushover as ye may think, coward. Using the dead to fight your battles is blasphemy!" shouts Elandra as she rises her staff with the undead coming closer and closer to her. She chants "River of flames, destroy and mame!" as a flood of flames enguff all of the approaching corpses. She then cracks the necromancer across the head with her staff and watches him fall to the floor. "Hphm...and he made it seem like it was sooo hard," says Elandra as she looks up to watch Sir Dante in the air with the dragoon.

"Aye, you are a good opponent, demon, but ye are dealing with a devil!!" laughs Dante as he stabs the dragoon in the chest and rips his wings off. Elandra jumps back as the dragoon falls down near her and watches Dante suck the blood from the creature's neck. "Oh my god that's horrible. Do ye have no soul?" asks Elandra. Sir Dante looks up and replies with blood dripping from his mouth, "I do, witch, but I would have not been able to protect you and myself if I didn't feed sooner or later. Apparently, SOMEONE let my meal escape me earlier, so I'm feeding now. Don't tell me didn't know that us Devilkin drink blood to survive? We can eat other things but blood is a must to retain our powers. Aye, do ye know nothing, woman? (rolling his eyes as he drinks more blood)" "You bastard. Ye is as blasphemous as that necromancer's tongue. (turns away from him) Why did I have to be stuck with this heartless animal?" says Elandra. Dante laughs and adds, "Ye promised to get rid of what made me alone so ye can't escape now. C'mon ye DO has a pure heart as ye is still here. Ha Ha Ha!" "I'm just still here 'cause ye is quite usefull at times," replies Elandra. "Aye 'cause ye would be dead without me," says Dante as continues feeding. "Hphm," says Elandra with her back turned as both still don't notice the necromancer's body still twitching.