Ok I've been just a little depressed, pissed, and emotional all at once as of late so I decided to do like John Cena and do me a freestyle on some of the BS in this world and my life. Feel free to laugh if it sucks:

ZX's Freestyle

I walk 'round in this tragedy and this is what I see, This world is a mess no wonder all us mutha-fuckas got so much stress, Living is like falling in a bottomless pit, Am I the only one tired of this bullshit? Most of time we find ourselves alone, no one we thought were our friends don't even ring da phone, I sit here punching these keys, downloading music, doing papers, and looking at dumbasses on live internet feeds (cough Justin's SB stunt cough), at high speed getting all the files that I need. If all the people who cause me pain and misery in world were an animal, well I'm goin' on safari, I'm rocking Playstation 2 while those dumbasses can't even figure out Atari. Shit, they can't even walk a day in my shoe, so I tell them in their face "FUCK YOU!" Some people say that I'm outta my mind, I dunno bout u but I'm always in a bind, and quite frankly I dont much care for humankind. (meaning that I don't like wut people do to each other in this world) Come people this is jail, we're all inmates, and we've all dropped da soap. (meaning that we're all fucked up in this world someway or another) I've had my heart broken and destroyed so many times that's I'm surprised that I guess that fate can't be avoided. Someone tell me tho, why is it that either you hurt me or I hurt u so? But let's look at the good things, there's so many nice friends I have, especially my gal pals who I know are angels trying to earn their wings. And I can't forget 'bout my boyz, who've been there for me ever since I used to play with kiddy toys. I wanna thank all my friends for all the good laughs, 'cause they kno my life's been like riding thru a hurricane on a raft. Don't worry just b/c life is hard I'm not gonna do a Stan, remember I'll ride it out 'cause I'm my own #1 fan.

PS--Friends just remember, even in the hell and heaven of ur lives just remember there's still a small light flickering in the darkness, symbolizing there's always hope of a brighter future.