Terms and Terminology

GDF – Global Defense Force; This was created by the United Nations in the year 2280 to counter the Techian threat.

VVG – This is the GDF's abbreviation for all humanoid designed mobile weapons. It is short for "Virtual Vehicular Guardian". The VVGs are piloted by a virtual interface to the pilot's mind which so the VVGs is controlled like an extension of their body without flaw. Reaction time and reflexes vary from pilot to pilot.

Techian – This term is given to the enemy of this war by the GDF. Those who have seen the face of the pilots of their VVGs/Units have said that these life forms are human in appearance while some have been described as abominations. Some of them can be seen with cybernetic implants on their bodies to enhance their battle prowess while in battle. One thing is certain about the Techians, they are a race hungry for battle at any means necessary.

Unit – This was the first type of mobile weapon seen on Earth used by the Techians in this war. Their weaker pilots use these as the advanced ones pilot humanoid ones that are highly or exactly the same as the technology used in the GDF's own VVGs. That is why Techian Units are referred to as VVGs throughout the story.

Domo Ishido – He is the Supreme Chairman of the United Nations. He was elected in 2280 as the creation of the GDF was his own idea. He has GREAT influence on the GDF's orders and actions around the world. He speaks publicly on the behalf of the GDF to make all of their actions sound as righteous as possible to the public.

High Commander Steven Strike – He is Commander Selena Strike's father. He is part of the High Command Council of the GDF that takes direct orders from Domo Ishido. His influence in the GDF got Selena Strike her position at the Rose City base to keep her mind off her missing fiancée.

Mobile Fortress Zeus – An experimental battleship made using the Techian technology taken from the Units. It was being overhauled in Rose City's GDF base before being sent back to Captain Portland to command in Serenity City.

Rose City – In the year 2105, North and South Carolina were reunited like in America's past and this was settled as it's new capital. It is simply Columbia, SC with a new name.

Serenity City – In the year 2109, New Orleans was reestablished as this capital of peace and calm before the war began.

Special Function – It is a program that works to enhance the VVG's performance, offensive, or defensive capabilities. There is an endless amount of Special Function programs for VVGs' computer systems can be installed with. Special Functions are "awakened" or acquired/learned in certain VVGs by the relationship or battle experience between the pilot and VVG. In some cases, it may be from another VVG similar to the piloted VVG as well along with a relationship between the pilots.

Emperor Dezanirus – He is the leader of the Techian armada on Earth. All who have faced him in battle have not lived to tell about it. All those who serve him, pledge their lives to his leadership.