Alone At Sixteen by writerforever

He was young, only sixteen

But he had experienced more than he could bear

His life had been considered somewhat perfect

He had good parents

He had a wonderful home

And a good family life

He home schooled and was at home a lot

Everyone thought he was happy

Because he wore a smile

And tried to be kind and selfless as much as he could

But behind that smile was a broken heart

For he was alone

He had no close friends

He grew used to loneliness

And its cold presence in his life

He had given his love and friendship to anyone who would accept it

And he found those who promised to remain his friend

But in the end they always left him

He watched and listened as people went about their lives

He watched as they did great things

And he did a few things that might have been considered great

But those things and dreams fell apart for him

Reality had struck him and left him in shame and fear

So in the cool of the evening he crept away

He wanted to disappear

As he made his way to the edge of the river

Tears filled his eyes

And slowly he picked up several large rocks

And placed them in his overall pockets

With helplessness and despair in his heart

He walked out into the river

The weight of the rocks in his pockets pulled him under

And he was swept away to his water grave

. . .All alone