A love poem

Written by Felicia Spencer

AN: Here's a new one. I just hopes it makes sense. I was kinda rushed when I was writing this, so I don't know if makes any sense whatsoever. Please review and let me know what you think.

I can't figure you out

You confuse me much too much

Why does it always seem

That I'd be lost without your touch

Your smile so brilliant

That I'm trapped under your gaze

You must really got me hooked

Which explains why I'm dazed

What is this spell

That has me hypnotized

Why do I tremble so

Whenever I look into your eyes

Is this really love between us

Or is it something more

Your love has my heart racing

And it's only you that I adore

You may ask me why

I need you in more ways than one

I need you to be my heat

When there is no sun

I need you to be my shelter

To protect me from the rain

I need you to hold me tight

Whenever I'm in pain

I need you to be here

In every aspect of my life

From this very moment

Until you take me as your wife

I love you and no one else

Can you handle that

Am I going to be your final answer

And you better believe that

So take my hand

And never shall we part

I'll cherish you for always

And the way you stole my heart