a/n: Birthday present to elmo44449999—I hope you get lots of cookies and a dream to live on this year. Er…this piece is a bit strange, but I tried…

Happy birthday, girl. You're a goddess.

One day, she vows, she will
Float into the night
And dance among the crystal snowflakes,
Drawing dreams from minds and hearts.
Of course, for now she just uses
Her pen and her paper
To transport her away.

"Hey, you," he smiles.
He has eyes like stained glass.

One day, she promises,
She will remember these days gone by.
Of sun-soaked summers and
Skies of desert blue
As the night sky wheels above their innocent gazes
Wishing on a shooting star.

"What're you doing?"
"Nothing. Just thinking."
His rather beautiful lips
Stretch into a rather beautiful grin.

One day, she swears, she will
Trail her hand through lazy waters,
Drinking up the warmth
With every starved pore.
Ripples spread out from her touch,
And a falling leaf
Gently floats away
Out of sight.

"You know…" His hands are long-fingered
And tanned and calloused.
"I think I'm a bit in love with you."

One day, she pledges
Her heart to a boy.
Just a boy, and she drowns in his eyes
And sighs at his feather-light touches
And sometimes she is touched
By those beautiful lips,
And thinks she could die.
But instead she lives more than she has ever lived

"D'you think we make a good couple?"
"I think we make the best."
His laugh is the laugh of Pan.

One day, she vows,
She will remember a boy's
Eyes and hands and lips and laughs
And maybe she'll return to that place
Where dreams are real.
Maybe she'll write about this,
With her blue-ink pen
On plain, wrinkled paper.
Maybe she won't.
But she will remember.