over the hills and far away
teletubbies come to play -

with me, they are my best friends
(and me theirs, only that's a secret)

and my sister is not for she
channel surfs whenever they appear
on television,she is therefore my enemy.

the other day the boy
living opposite cried,
he went no further for
I gave him a black eye and so
his mama scolded my mama and
my mama scolded me.

she banned me from tv and
so I gave her a black eye too.
(mama why did you do so? ):

oh! and yesterday Daddy didn't
want to buy NooNoo for my birthday
because we have ShaSha the dog already.

so I killed it.

now I am grounded
in my room but I don't mind.
Lala calls me unbidden from her
electronic stomach to pass the night with me.

lala. lala. lala. lala. lala. lala. lala. po-

dawn approaches and
I sit on the windowsill to
await babysun's chuckles
that seem to beckon me
closer closer closer
so I jumped from the window
to teletubbyland and perhaps
here people won't deny my FRIENDS.

really! if not why do they
smile and wave at me
through the television?

A/N: eek sorry but am unused to insanity. anyway have completed my triplecyniconslaught so now I may rest in peace.