I Dream a Beatle

By Jesse Neubauer


A strangely dressed girl appears out of nowhere. Clutching her head, the world reels about her until it slowly spins to a stop. She stumbles over to a nearby trashcan and vomits into it. She regains her composure, and returns to the items she had dropped. She collects them and walks to a mailbox. Carrying her envelope and package, among other things, she stands for a moment holding them close to her. She whispers softly to herself, gives the envelope a soft kiss, and drops it into the mailbox along with the package. She wishes them both along their way, hoping that she has made a difference. She can only hope now that they reach their destination.

The girl sighs and turns around, heading down the dark street. There is a light sprinkle starting to fall from the dark sky. It cools her face, which is still flushed from her journey. The moisture calls her back to Earth. She still has one more task. She must complete it, or else suffer eternity never knowing. She has to see, has to know, therefore she has to go. She finds her way to the train station, where she buys a ticket to Washington DC. She goes back outside and steps through a shallow puddle, wondering what she's gotten herself into.