She Hates Me.

By- Lloyd17

She always hated me,

Yet she always brung out the best of me.

I could always say anything to make her smile

From a foot,

A yard,

Hell even a mile.

But I could always see it in her eyes

Deep inside she wants to cry

And even when I'm not there, she thinks of me

And I think of her

I walk to her house wishing I could just stay there forever

A second apart feels like a decade for us

And when we're back together its only because

We needed one another,

To love and to hold.

But little did I know she sought to be


With another.

I thought I had to act a certain way.

Either to wear a chain

And listen to alternative rock,

Or sag my pants

Say 'nigga' after every sentence

And prove that I had got shot.

But my loyalty to her more than anyone's

Yet this is the end I'll always regret that that time is long gone.

If I knew then what I know now, just to repent

Our love would have grown on instead of this accident.

As our love ends

A new one begins,

We never hated one another, for her or for me

Only to love and cherish the time of how things used to be.