If You Only Knew

I wasn't an outgoing one; in fact I'm rather shy,

But you still loved me how I am, yet never gave respite.

An though I didn't say too much, I just want you to know,

There are no words that can express just how I felt your love.

If you only knew how much it broke my heart that day,

To see you forced against your will and have to walk away.

It was no cause of any man, but that of a disease,

While you were lying sick in bed, our lives still had needs.

But now your end of time has come, and we can't say goodbye.

Our tears are locked inside of us, until the end of time.

You changed our lives and taught us much; moved us to be more.

We simply want to let you know, it's you we will adore.

And though it must be nice and good up in Heaven above,

No matter whether rain or shine, we'll always send our love.