Music of Death by writerforever

He was fourteen

But already his life was turned upside

He used to be happy

He used to enjoy life more

And every time I would see him, he would be smiling

But then his mother packed up and left

She left him and his father and little brother

He was heartbroken

And from that day on I never saw him smile again

He loved music and he turned to it

Hoping that it would help him escape the pain

He would play his heart out through the music

Almost every night I would hear him playing on his guitar

And I could hear the emotion in the music

His life no longer had any meaning

Music became his obsession

Because it made him forget about everything

Everything bad that had happened to him

Drugs became his addiction when music could no longer help him

I saw him in town sometimes

But he never smiled

He never waved 'hello'

Instead he walked with his eyes down

He wanted to be invisible

He wanted to disappear

And on a warm April evening as he sat alone in his room

Staring up at the ceiling with tears in his eyes

He made a decision

With his heart pounding he approached the window of his room

Down below was a picket fence

It was a long way down but that didn't stop him

Slowly he opened the window

Closing his eyes he began to hum his favorite song

He jumped out of the window

And landed upon the picket fence

His life was ended by the fall

But his music can be heard whispering through wind