Ocean Rose

So far away
A single gull's cry
It screeches solitude
To the sky

On desolate shore
You leave me bare
The scorching sun
And the whipping air

A wave rushes in
The sand beneath my feet
So warm once before
Like ice does meet

I crumple now
Like once before
I scream disheartened
Out onto the shore

Waves whipping past
The sand begins to dance
Straight through my body
And my diminished stance

The reeds begin to howl
A storm draws close
A darkened sky floods in
The torrent drenching the coast

I still sit there
The reeds cutting in my hair
My lips begin to bleed
My life no longer fair

And in the midst of my demise
A scent seeps through the storm
A scent of once, a scent of before
An ocean rose rises upon my form

Nostalgia calls
The tears were shed
That smell it calls me,
Calls me to bed