The Silver Haired Youth

By Rin Amaru

The room was dark. Moonlight made its way through the open window and onto Haley's face. She looked so beautiful, so heavenly. The sword she held sparkled on her peaceful face. Nathan smiled. Sitting beside her sleeping form, he stroked her soft skin and traced her delicate mouth. Carefully, he kissed her neck, his favorite spot. She smiled softly, rolling over.

Nathan looked out the window at the moon, thinking of how serene and tranquil the night was. A small shadow crossed its cratered surface. Startled, he knew it had begun. He pried his silver sword from Haley's silky arms, smiling at her once more. Nathan climbed out of the open window and onto the roof below.

Quickly, he fastened the sword to his belt and pulled it out, readying himself. The sword reflected the moon on its mirrored surface. A bat-like creature swooped in front of him and his sword swiftly caught the bat's wing. Immediately, the bat morphed into a humanoid creature with his arm gushing blood.

"Nathan… You can't keep killing your own kin…" the creature smiled. Nathan frowned, slashing the creature's other arm and further drenching the shingles.

"I'm only half of what you are, Arifag…" he spat. Nathan's silver hair shone brightly in the night, soft brown eyes illuminating as well. Black, feathery wings burst out of his shoulder blades, his shirt ripping in the process.

"You'll never get away with this… half-ling…" Arifag shouted, struggling to his feet. Nathan glared at him as he sliced off Arifag's head. Rolling next to Nathan's feet, the head opened its mouth, blood escaping.

"You're half… vampire, and yet… you love… a human… You're half angel… and you… have so much… hate…" the vampire said, closing his eyes for the final time as blood continued to leak from his mouth. After a minute or so, the body and blood disappeared.

Nathan sat down on the roof for a moment, hoping for a new battle. His bloodlust almost burned his veins. Suddenly, his senses perked and he instinctively flew into Haley's room. Black feathers floated everywhere as he sheathed his silver sword and shook Haley awake. The girl opened her eyes.

"Nathan…?" Haley yawned, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. Nathan, however, wasted no time lifting the girl into his arms and flying out the window. Once into the cold night air, Haley immediately awoke.

"Why are we—"Haley was cut off. Nathan had a fierce look in his eyes as he spoke.

"It's not safe there." His answer was swift and cruel, but the warmth underneath was apparent in his voice.

Haley paused for a moment, and then remembered Nathan was half vampire. There was always some sort of fight going on. They love only death, war, and blood.

"Then where are we going, Nathan?" Haley inquired, her innocent eyes staring up into his cool ones. Nathan smirked, nodding towards their destination; the playground at a nearby school. Once they landed, Haley sat herself down on a swing, watching Nathan pace back and forth. The silver haired youth knew a battle lay ahead. He could almost taste it.

Suddenly, Haley spotted something.

"Nathan! Your left!" she shouted with worry. Nathan looked to his left and found nothing. He gave her a look of 'You're crazy.' Haley screamed. Sensing a presence, Nathan turned to his left. Before he could react, he was lifted into the air by his neck and thrown against the monkey bars, scraping his bare back.

"God… I can't see him… How can I fight him if I can't see him?" Nathan furiously pondered aloud. Suddenly, a thought popped into his head, making him snarl. "Ulaenyth."

"Ha, ha! You know that it is I, your half brother, Ulaenyth," a voice spoke but its whereabouts were still unknown. "I've come for revenge on my son, Arifag."

"Where is he, Haley?" Nathan shouted, drawing his sword. Haley pointed at him.

"Behind you!" Haley screamed as Nathan whipped the sword around behind him, slicing something in the air. Blood splattered the ground below and Nathan's chest. Suddenly, a tall, dark, gruff figure in black appeared with a gash in his side, gushing blood. The vampire immediately took a few large steps back, drawing his own sword.

"Let's play…" Ulaenyth hissed, shifting into a fighting position. Nathan did the same. They lunged at one another, swords clashing. After a few swings, they held their swords together for a moment, each using their body weight to counter the other's.

"That girl of yours has a nice second sight. Such clairvoyance goes for high prices on the black-market," Ulaenyth said with a smirk appearing on his face. Nathan growled, jumping back and releasing the pressure on his half-brother's sword.

"I'll never sell her to the likes of you!" Nathan barked, once again slicing the slit in Ulaenyth's side. The gash became much larger, gushing extreme amounts of blood onto the damp grass. Sheathing his sword with one hand and clutching his wound with the other, Ulaenyth looked up at his half-brother.

"I'm not finished with you yet… Nathan…" the vampire spat as he morphed into a bat and flew off into the distance. Haley ran up to Nathan and hugged him. Startled, he hugged her back, eyes smiling. When Nathan asked her if his half-brother was truly gone, Haley nodded.

"Can we go back to my house now?" Haley smiled, looking up into his soft brown eyes. Nathan shook his head.

"It's not safe there. We'd better not take any chances. I know of a cave where we can spend the rest of the night," Nathan solemnly said, patting her head of hair. Haley nodded in agreement. After he lifted her into his arms once again, they flew off towards the moon.

After an hour or so of flying, Haley fell asleep again. Her silk nightgown clung to Nathan's bare skin, fluttering against it. Her short, strawberry blonde hair flew in the steady wind. Nathan looked down at Haley and gave her one of his few smiles, the ones he saves for her. After pushing misplaced strands of hair out of Haley's perfect face, Nathan landed in a well wooded area. Just before them was the opening to a small cave, barely lit at all in the pale moonlight. Once inside the cave, Nathan placed the sleeping girl gently on the dirt floor.

Stepping back outside, he looked at the moon peeking through the trees. The moon was so perfect and yet so mysterious. It was so beautiful and yet to undefined; so magical and yet so mesmerizing. It reminded him of his mother, the beautiful angel Gwendolyn, and his father, the overpowering vampire Driretlan. Maybe he and Haley would have a relationship like theirs someday, completely against racial and spiritual boundaries, but all the more sweet and rewarding. Maybe he and Haley would have children. What would they name them?

Abruptly, there was a sudden, sickening feeling in Nathan's stomach. Ulaenyth was back. Nathan whipped around and saw his half-brother trying to stab Haley. With a quick burst of speed, Nathan landed on top of Haley before the sword hit her. Scraping his bones, the sword went almost all the way through him, blood pouring out of the wound. With his last feat of strength, Nathan stuck his arm inside the wound in Ulaenyth's gut and ripped out his innards. The evil vampire collapsed on the ground as Nathan smiled wickedly at his dying half-brother. Nathan breathed heavily and gently laid his head down on Haley's stomach, awaking her.

The innocent Haley opened her eyes to see Nathan bleeding on top of her. Startled, she turned her head over to see Ulaenyth just before he and his blood disappeared. Haley looked back at Nathan, his staggered breathing lifting his whole body. The wound was still gushing large amounts of blood. Nathan managed to rotate his pale head up to look at Haley, tears starting to flow down her face. With his eyes glazed over, soft brown eyes half open, he looked into her eyes. He smiled softly, opening his mouth.

"I did… it all… for you…" he said, gazing into nothingness.

"Why, Nathan, why?" Haley cried, tearing uncontrollably.

"Because… I… love you… Haley…" the silver haired youth spoke for the final time. His eyes closed as his lungs collapsed.

"I love you too, Nathan…"

A/N: I wrote this in 9th grade for Creative Writing. I retyped/edited it for your convenience.