A/N: Okay...in a nutshell...I envy the crushes of the people I like, for, well, fairly obvious reasons. And I hate it even more when these people start talking to me about their crushes, because it makes me feel like I've got a shot. And I don't. I hope you relate...and even if you don't...R&R me, I'll R&R you. Jealous?


Jealousy 5-10-05

My temper takes over as she comes closer

What is she doing here? Will this take long?

Please tell me why she can't leave us alone

Because I hate watching you two

Smiling, talking, laughing like you do

Just as I hate seeing you with your eyes all glassy

Full of awe and amazed at her personality

With me standing near you twice as amazed

Because just looking at you can make me dazed

And I wish I were her because I wouldn't love you

But I'd have the satisfaction of you loving me

She really dosen't know she's got it made

I'd kill for that kind of look from your face

But she dosen't have to harm anyone

She gets it from you anyway; she's the only one

And I'd do anything for love

But she does nothing

And yet you love her anyway

Oh, how I wish she'd go away

The thing is, once she's gone, you're not done

And I need to listen to you rant on and on

About her perfect flaws and I can't fix them

Just when I think she's gotten you frustrated

Right when I have a chance, she takes it

Filling me with hope and beating any trace out

I want to tell her, I want to shout

Don't you know how great you've got it?

Because she can have you and not even want you

I can sit and stare, I can kill and glare

I can tell you you're the stars in the night

That you're the only thing that makes my day bright

I could even write it all down and give it to you

But no matter what I can do, I can't have you