"Those Memories of Change" by Cassandraa Freiborg 5/12/05

I left the party feeling strange,
guess I finally saw things clearly,
shoulda known it would end this way,
social situations tend, to bother me.
Maybe it was the drinks,
or maybe it was the laughter,
but when I went to sleep,
things seemed to spin much faster.
And as I stared up at the ceiling,
I felt like I was dying,
worrying about all the things I'd miss,
yet oddly, enough not crying.
I think I started dreaming,
but there was tapping on my window,
I opened up the curtains,
to a boy I used to know.
I closed the curtains in his face,
I had cut him from my heart,
he always did like to complicate things,
and it really tore me apart.
Time seemed to shift, just then,
and I was back on the beach,
watching the sunset with everyone,
the cool sand beneath our feet.
And on the drive home,
we talked about the early days,
about what we missed a lot,
secretly, terrified by all the change.
Then I was in Minnesota,
it was wintertime in the park,
making a flock of snow angels,
not caring that it was getting dark.
Next I shifted to the concert,
adrenaline coursing through my veins,
I've never felt so peaceful,
and yet in so much pain.
We stood outside in cold Tampa,
and I told you I just wanted to feel OK,
even if it meant that I,
could keep this feeling one more day.
Is this what change feels like?
I yelled about the cars,
you nodded, smiling faintly,
as you stared up at the stars.

Fin Dedication: Bright Eyes and Carson.

I liked how this one came out...its all based on real life occurances. ' Hope you enjoy, and if you don't understand what any of it means, its ok. Love you all.