Life Eviction

There is a sticker on her face
it reads 'due to terminate',
in black on yellow on her skin
it hides a questioned blue away;
it leaves the edges lined and tight
where friction pulls against the grain
it closes out the labcoat light
and chokes the air off from her brain.

If someone pulls off the restraints
the shriveled gaze will still be blind--
it's just a little bit too late
to save the brilliance left behind
and so they pick her off the floor
where she's allowed herself to trip.
They let her lean a little more
upon her breathing IV drip.

She dyes her hair to match her eyes
the moment that she runs away
she thinks it might help her to see
and figure out the scriptless play.
Instead of holding mothers hand
she should have struck out on her own
the child's forgotten how to stand
now that she's doing it alone.

AK LaBelle 2005