Love Song for a Little Prince

I'd take the ring of a thousand bells
Icy in their crystal sound
Shape it into a little globe
And capture you
Inside its frosted glass
To preserve your handsome petals,
Boastful thorns.
Sing a song
To the beat of your heart,
The only sound around,
Sing until it melts for me—
Sing to you, my sweet flower boy.

Author's Notes: This was based on Langston Hughes' poem Juke Box Love Song, at the request of my writing teacher. It was supposed to incorporate an element of music (bells and singing suffice). I also made this poem as an allusion to The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint Exupery, which I just recently read. It's an enchanting story, and I encourage everyone to read it! Thanks for reading my poem, by the way. Hope you enjoyed it!
Date of Composition: May 10, 2005