Chapter 1

Hello, my name is Dennis Rammes, but my friend's call me "Doctor.
I am about to turn 17. I have a girlfriend Helen Jones. Her nickname is "Hell", this is not beuse she is a bitch or anything, we just thought it was kind of a funny contrast to her personality.
I have many friends, too many to introduce in this little introduction... Too many uses of the intro-word too.
I lead a pretty normal life. However I do have a rather major quirk, for which I shall introduce you to Janis (Vedi) and let her tell you in her own words.


"The Boy's A Dreamer."

July... Something. The hell if I know what date it is. It's the freaking summer, who keeps track? Helen, that's who.
"Happy birthday Doctor!" Helen smiled at me. I had just awoken so a had a droopy face, a cup of coffe in my hand, and coffee stains on my shirt.
I briefly looked around slightly puzzled. "How'd you get in?" There was a ver slight pause. "And thank you"
"Your mother gave me a key remember? She said I was invited over any time, even you weren't here, or yet." Helen walked up and kissed me on the cheek. My suspicions led me to believe this is because no one likes kissing anyone with morning plus coffee breathe.
I stumbled into the living room and almost sat down on the couch and then Helen shouted, "Wait"
I shoot up like a rocket, I turned around and saw a ferret curled up in a little ball sleeping. Just then I noticed the enormous cage resting itself on the dining-room table.
"Happy birthday, from myself and your mother." This time I kissed her on the lips, closed lips though, just in case my prior assumption was correct.
"What's his name?" I asked.
"Her name is Toobug. Because we bought her "too bug" you. L-O-L." Yes, she actually said "LOL.
"Did you just"
"Yea, I just got my computer working again, sorry. Haha." Helen laughed. I closed my eyes, her laugh was the closest thing to pure bliss I had ever come.
If you can't tell by now, I love this girl. She loves me as well.
We even have a song semi-self dedicated to us. A song by a band called The Special Goodness called NFA or "Not Fucking Around"
I re-opened my eyes and jolted back about three feet, because, to scare me, she had the ferret in her hands and four inches from my face.
"Gah!" I got up from the floor and dusted myself off. She's lucky I just put my coffee down before. "Very funny, you know you're lucky I just put my coffee down"
Helen laughed, "I know, such a disapointment. But, here," She held Toobug out again. "Hold her"
I took Toobug and she almost fell so, in an attempt not to fall, she scratched my hand, I caught her and she licked and lightly rubbed herself against my wound, as if to apologize. I fell in love (again) with everyone and everything in that room.


What did I do?

I don't have a job. A waste of my imagination I think. Mostly I wish I had one, so I could get things for Helen. She claims she doesn't want anything like that from me. I don't know why, but I would like the idea of her having something from me she could bring everywhere, so no matter what life drops in her lap, she is aware that I am there to live it with her.
Again, what do I do?
I'm a dreamer according to Vedi. Which, in all truth I am. I tend to take reality and warp it, for better, and often for worse as well.
I try to write, I assume I'm alright at it.
Mainly though, I tell stories. Sometimes represented as events in my life, other times as something I "saw in a movie" or on television.
I'm too worried to pen any of my stories, maybe they wouldn't be good enough. Or maybe I couldn't finish them. Maybe I would run out of ideas... I don't know.


What do I love?

Dennis loves long walks on the beach.
Actually the funny thing is that I do. However, the weather has to be right as does the lighting and the company.
Helen and I used to go walking up and down our "special" beach. We called it special as in retarded bcause it was the beach of a lake.
Helen, Toobug, my parents, my brother (to a certain extent), my grandmother, my friends.
That's what I love.
One of my favorite experiences ever was a day that Helen and I went for a walk into a school park. And we just stood there, almost slow-dancing to the sounds of nature. That was the day I looked into her eyes and found myself in there. I saw myself in her arms, kissing her, loving her.
"What?" She asked. "What's on your mind"
"Nothing." I responded.
An unmeasurable amount of time passed.
"Actually there is something I want to tell you." I paused and she looked intriged. "I love you Helen"
My anxiety launched up to the moon and stayed connected to me, had this feeling lasted much longer, I wouldn't have.
"I love you too Dennis"
Our hearts, for a moment, were perfectly in sync.
Then the world slowly returned back to normal, though now we loved each other, so it was better.
Bum... Bum
Bum. Bum.
Our hearts were our own again, but now tied together by a feeling.


My birthday.

The day was incredible. Probably the best I had ever had in a very long time.
I put Toobug in her cage and she was just having a great time. However my dog Kaitlin didn't seem to like this newfound distraction from her all too pleasing. So I walked over to her and pet her.
"Hey, I have to get going for now. I'll be back in about an hour or so." Helen said.
"Where you got to go?" I said, with a mouthful of candy. It wasn't that I was all-to-curious, just slightly interested in what could be more important to her than me on my birthday. Was it a lawyer? Was she suing somebody and getting alot of money? Was it an alien? Was she maybe part of a covert group that worked for the government to make first contact? What was it?
"I have an optomitrist appointment. Shouldn't take to long sweety. I love you." She kissed me on the cheek.
"I luff... too you.... I liff..." I spit out the candy. "I love you too!" And I kissed her on the lips.
She left. I should've known. It's never anything cool. Although maybe she is meeting an alien with millions of eyes, maybe optomitrist is a code-word. Ah-ha, that's it. She thought she could hide that from me? Nope. Ha, I'm just too smart for that.
Although maybe she wanted me to figure it out which is why she used such an easily translatable code-word.
Uggh, now I need a nap.
I grab Toobug, cage and all, and head up to my room.
"Mom, I'm going to take a nap, please wake me when Helen gets back okay"
"Okay honey, happy birthday." She says.
"Thanks mom"
On my way up the stairs a thought strikes me.
"Where is Lucien?" Lucien is my brother's name.
"He's at your father's house, he should be home later today"
"Ah, alright, thanks"
I make it into my room and I put Toobug's cage on the top of my dresser.
I stumble over to my bed and slip under the covers.
I close my eyes, the back of my eyelids paint me a world consisting of only me and Helen.
In a whisper, as I drift off, I say, "I love this show."