You broke my heart tore it apart
Some day I swear by Zod I'll get revenge

I know I'm a nerd and my skin looks like a Zerg's
But that doesn't give you the right to break my heart
Like Lois Lane did in issue 57, second reissue
I'm afriad of the sunlight, I know you know
But you could have offered to take me to the beach with you
It couldn't have have hurt really, besides there is no one there at night
It's absence made me cast a hex of your toes
I'm still in training

You broke the left ventricle of my heart
Some day I swear by Zathras I'll get revenge

I've got so many allergies I can't survive outside my bubble
You say you need "physical affection"
Does that mean my plastic arm coverings aren't warm?
Does that mean the robotic pets ('cause I can't have real ones)
Are they not friendly enough?
This relationship hasn't been a cakewalk for me either
On many occaisions I had to miss Animetion on the 'tube
Just to hear you bitch about getting beat up in school
How do you think that makes me feel?
I can't even go to school
Heartless bitch

You broke, that thing in my chest... damn, what do you call it?
Umm... My "Spider-Man's feelings toward M.J. in nearly every issue", thing
Yeah, that's it

I call you up on your cell phone and your new beiu answers
I think he called me a cripple but I don't speak Morloch
You told me that you loved me once
I called you a bitch and asked for my rare, signed Superman number 1
You told me you hawked it
Which leads me here
Outside of your house with a mini-arsenal
I had my mom push my oxygen tent here on pain of death
You begin exiting your house
I pitch one of the grenades I'm holding at you
But it hits my tent and bounces back at me, like in America's Army
So I run out of my tent and throw the other one at you
However, never having actually thrown anything in my life
It just kind of fell in front of me
And I fell on the ground, I can feel the germs crawling into me
The sun starts cooking me, my liver just exploded
So did the grenade
This became a kamakazi mission like Green Lantern in issues 34, and 86
Umm, ouch?