Hard To Get Over


Life plays tricks

One day, happy

Next day, angry

Couple of hours, sad

Next minute, unsure

Last second, enlightened


A life almost forever lost

Now rebuilt and stable

Hoped to never return

To that one time

Betrayal, loss, and

Lies buried in memories


A thing of the past

Revived in the present

Nightmare struck

When news about a boy

Arrived through mail

And no one knew


He said…

"Goodbye stupid people,

"Disappoint me no more.

"Goodbye best friend,

"Sorry to say,

"I'm leaving you…


"Sorry for losing touch

"Sorry for leaving so soon

"Sorry for everything

"Hoping you're still the same

"Kind, sweet, and alive

"You are the only one I…


"Everyone will know,

"When it's too late.

"Including you…

"My dear heart…

"Live for you and me

"Goodbye sweet world."


Drifted away, lost touch

Revived a past

Rejuvenated an emotion

Time only knows

When this will heal

When this will heal


Time only leaves scars

Where past scabs

Once peeled

Healed wounds open

Pain revitalized

Given up, succumb to...


Pieces of memories

Lost and thrown

Hard to get over

Can't move on

Oh the death of him

Oh the death of…