A/N: Want to hear an odd circumstance behind this poem? I wrote this poem for English class in the spring of 1999, pondering the school violence that had so impacted high school life in general the year before. It was only a couple of days afterward that the incident at Columbine High School occurred. I found out about the shootings the day I was to turn this in, and, needless to say, it gave me a whole different perspective on this poem:

To Consider Diamonds

With the first opening of my eyes the realization slowly dawns,
All was but a dream.
A world ceases spinning, and I
Breathe sighs of relief.
The diamonds return to the ground, and my friends
Wake slowly as I,
Perhaps hesitating as their own nightmares
Crease their foreheads with memory.
The risen sun, with its life-giving radiance,
Brings into daylight doubts proposed by dreams.
A massacre of the mind plays through
Again and again.
Who was killed? All is but a blur, and I cringe.
Did I have the audacity to consider diamonds,
Unaware until the end that time came with the sacrifice of bleeding hearts?
A dream, I think, and bite back tears
Of bitter injustice, of misplaced pain.
The stench of unfairness haunts my senses
Till I remember the waking, and I blink,
Watching white lace curtains float in the morning breeze
Like jewels from a waterfall,
My window a diamond in the sun,
And I forget.