Clouds of dust and light streak by
And here I sit, I solemnly cry
Awaiting a new beginning, a new reason
But burnt beyond recognition by treason

Suddenly a voice within calls
Speaks of blooming and rising falls
Slowly I lift my head and listen on
In hopes of finding a dream to fly on

Speaks it of mystical lands and magic
The elderly wise, the young be sick
Dying from knowledge, dying from truth
In a land apart, runs a young sleuth

The voice resounds from places unknown
O God! What is this place it has shown?
"Lies it within you," says he, a great soul.
"May it emerge—from fire and from coal."

Vision corrected, I slowly stand up
And drink nectar of strength from a golden cup
Thrown aside, it runs away
And I crawl out of misery and decay.

And so from the inside, I begin my journey
Swimming besides stars, like ice in tea
Opened is the universe, in which I seek
A forgotten spirit, voices of the weak.