"Never have I seen such sadness in her face

Never have I seen that smile so fake

Such pain within those deep brown eyes

As she cries

Starring out the third floor window, forever

Missing the one that left her behind.

And she can't remember his face

But she remembers his heart,

Back in Del Rio

Before angel's wings carried him away,

To save his laugh for another day.

And she hurts,

Oh God, how her soul breaks

Just knowing that he can't come back;

There's no second chance when you take your own life,

But that doesn't bring peace


How permanent Death truly is.

Tragic, when a friend is lost,

But maybe

When time heals most of her wounds

And only the good memories remain,

She'll see through her tears

Look past her fears,

And know,

Though his body is laid to rest,

Love's glory shines within her forgiveness

For his unsaid goodbyes."