"Ba ba ba ba


Ba ba ba


Bid ba bid ba. . .too fast

A mere haven of souls

Burning, yearning,

Destined to show their true colors that swirl so soundly

The atmosphere is more than contagious to this poet's eye

With words scrawled across the palm of my hands

That twitch with every note that floats

In the air

And Felix snaps another picture

Timeless photographs that are yet to be developed

Uncovering the unnoticing faces of Kickham and me

As we stare on and on and on

Naked light

Naked heart

A symphony of tears on canvas



Microphones and tambourines

So much talent I can't explain

And no flashy signs are needed

No billboards or radio ads,

And best yet, you don't have to die

To find

This heaven of artists;


Ba ba ba ba


Ba ba ba ba


Bid ba bid ba. . .too fast."