A young woman in her mid 20's stood looking in her mirror, staring at her two new bruises and her busted lip. She sighed deeply knowing he was at it again, but he loved him dearly, and she was willing to do anything to keep the relationship together because she loved him so much. She pulled out her make-up and covered the bruises and did her best to hide the busted open part of her lip. While a few tears did fall, she kept to herself; she never went to the police, the hospital or anywhere else. She knew if she did she knew that he'd hurt her worse the next time. He'd made it clear to her if she were to tell anyone she knew that she'd surely be wishing she didn't tell anyone or go anywhere to treat her wounds. She just kept taking care of them herself. Without knowledge of the internal damage he had done to her.

She stands about a good six inches shorter than he does, he is about 6 feet tall, her only about 5' 4", blonde hair to her shoulders, she can never keep it long because he pulls her hair when he's mad, and she keeps going to get hair cuts to keep it from looking like he's hit her again. Nothing the young girl can do. Glancing down at her wedding band she can't help but to love him. Even though he hurts her she still loves him dearly. He has split personalities, around other people he's the nicest thing to her, but when they are alone instead of loving her...He hits her.

She never fights back though, she always just takes it. Never throwing a fist up. When he was done hitting her, he'd race out the door, and go somewhere until the next night. After he'd left she'd lay down and cry. Her pillow soaked with tears after about an hour, she still kept crying. Not because the bruises, new cuts or any new injury, it's because the thought was upsetting. Why she kept going back to him, even after so many fights.

Never does he say, "I love you." More or less he always says things to the effects of "I HATE YOU! I'D WISH YOU DIE!" Yet, she still keeps coming back to him. She tries to get to a point to where he'll finally stop, but she never reaches it. Most times it's a lot worse than this, but she's slowly reaching her final straw with him. Like once before he knocked her out from hitting her so hard across the face, then kicked her in the stomach, causing a miscarriage.

Today she went out with her friend. With her dark sunglasses, long-sleeved blouse and long skirt. Who after long amounts of telling her it'd be best to go get a gun. Her friend took her to the gun shop, with her gun license, and bought a handgun. And bought a round of five bullets. She loads one into the gun, pays and leaves the store. So she's ready to fight back this time. Unlike anytime before.

She had placed the gun in her purse, took off her glasses, changed clothing to make it look like she'd never left the house and waited until he got home. He came in, and started yelling with the whiskey on his breath. She turned her head to the side, and waited until he was done. Before he was done she screamed, "WAIT!" so he waited, impatiently though. She ran in grabbed the gun, cocked it, walked out shot him in the chest, after holding the gun behind her back a minute.

He doesn't get any glory from it all. All that brought him was a loving wife that he treated horribly and a bullet to his chest. No one perticurally cared for the man, many glad he was gone. But the woman always thought about that day no matter how good she felt, it'd always bring her down. Now she has a loving husband, who'll protect her at all cost, he doesn't press the matter because he remembers reading the story in the local newspaper.

Her new husband always held her, kept her safe, and treated her like she was an angel. Unlike before in the past where she'd have to risk being hit for doing something on accident, or saying the wrong thing.

NOTES!: I do NOT support abuse, OR murder. Just incase you were wondering. It's just a story that is true for many women all across the globe. And, this is a rough draft, suggestions on how to change this welcomed.