-Storybook Love-

'If your love were a grain of sand,

Then mine would be a universe of beaches.'

-Princess Bride


So forget about a storybook-love

It's all planned out, anyway

With you and me, it's for real

And more than definitely here to stay

The villain, the hero, the friend

All on an adventure to catch a glimpse of the Heroine

Who from her fortress tall sits and waits

For her love to save the day

Though on this one point

I must disagree

For I would not sit and wait

For you to rescue me

I may be trapped in a tower

But I do not doubt

For I have the love of a lifetime

And so blessed am I

A week seems a lifetime

To wait until I can be with you

For distance tears us apart

But Love does see us through

So enduring, so endearing

Talking to you first thing in the morning

Waking up to your voice

What a lovely sense of choice

To sleep in or to wake

Think I shall have a decision to make

Never a hard one, I'm assured

For you are helping things come clear

Beginning to know

After such a short time

And still I'm discovering

So many things bout you

They say you chose to love a person

And maybe it's true

If it is, then I'm for sure blessed

To have made my final choice