he said "you've got nice eyes"

i told him he was the only one to say that

"everyone else says their too big"

but he said "no, it's a good thing"

and i didn't know

whether i was supposed to return the compliment

or just let the moment go

like a bird on its way to somewhere warm

and is it selfish to trap that kind of beauty?

i said "i've style"

he said "i like the way you said that"

and i asked how i said it

"it's just an unusual place for a contraction"

and i had no response to that

because it was an unusual place for a compliment

and besides, i didn't really know if it was meant to flatter

or if it was just an observation

he said "it's too bad i can never talk to you again"

i laughed and answered sarcastically

"yeah, it's really a shame"

and he said "you seemed cool"

i knew it was all meant jokingly

but later it seemed too much like an omen

and not a joke at all

i said "i'm cold"

and he gave me his jacket

he asked "how did it work for you"

i said it worked fine

but i meant to say wonderful

i held my tongue

because too many compliments

is really just awkward, and not complimentary at all

he said "walking in circles?"

i said yes, and i laughed

because we've been walking in circles

for two months now

because i don't really think it's selfishness

to hold onto beauty

and that wasn't meant as a compliment

it was just an observation