CHAPTER 3 / Open My Hands

He opened the door to his room. It was pitch black and the crickets weren't making the night any better than it should be. He took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it with a flick of his lighter. He breathed in and slowly hissed the smoke off of his mouth and through his nose in one swift motion. He watched the smoke fly up and squint his eyes. He saw something move from the distance he was at. He walked slowly and carefully towards the windowpane and saw a cricket, "So you're the one making that entire racket." He picked it up and stared at it, "And to think, you guys were supposed to be the musicians." He grunted and closed his hands into a tight fist. He smiled to himself while feeling the little creature move and twitch in his hand. "C'mon, Heaven will appreciate your music more than anyone here on earth can." He closed it tighter, "So go into Heaven and make your racket there." He seems to always enjoying killing like that. All the other insects and animals that he finds annoying he just 'sends them to Heaven' like he always said, a foolish fetish, but erotic, for him, nonetheless.

"What are you doing?" a strict female voice opened up his closed ears and caused him to slightly jump in surprise.

"What is it?" he answered back without turning. His eyes totally fixated in the creature he was already killing.

"What do you have in your hand Maurice?" she walked closer to him. Her heels tapping on the wooden floor donned with dust and any other dirty thing he has accumulated over the weeks of not cleaning it up. "Open your hand." She ordered.

"Why should I?" he retorted, still squeezing the already lifeless cricket in his hand.

"Show it to me." She walked up in front of him and placed a hand on his. She smelled of ethyl alcohol. Her clothes were white and her eyes were neither strict nor angry. They were friendly. She looked like a nurse. Maybe she was a nurse, he can't think straight, his vision started to blur.

"Alright…" he opened his hands slowly and revealed nothing was in there. He looked around and pitch black room turned white. The walls were padded and everything nailed to the floor, "Where am I?"

"Lionel, don't go into that again…" the nurse backed away and took out a needle apparatus.

"Where am I…Why did you bring me here?" he started to lose his composure. He didn't know what was going on. "Aldie can't be home alone. She needs me!"

"Now relax Lionel…" she approached him and pinned him roughly on the wall fighting the strong person underneath her. She secured his armand injected the serum. "There we go…"

"I..I am not Lionel…" his body fell to the ground, but to him it wasn't, it was the bed that he was supposed to go in before the lady came in. The bed that he always rested in on cold winter nights. The padded walls disappeared and he was back in his room. The unclean sanctuary of his days. He laid down on his bed and fell asleep to Aldie's voice.

"I'm your friend Maurice…" she caressed his face gently and tucked behind his ears his shaggy hair, "Come back to me." She leaned in, "Belong to me." She placed her lips on his and gently broke it leaving a bloody mark on his pale mouth. "I need a friend and that's you."