The Sonnet Of A Beast by writerforever

I watch the world from a different view

I hide in my own little world

For I am afraid of facing the people

Because of my disfigurement

In the darkness of loneliness I hide

And watch as people go on with their lives

In darkness I find solace

But also fear at times

I went about in the world once

And everyone turned me away

Because of my disfigurement

I fled back into my world of darkness

And have been there ever since

For so long now I have been afraid of entering the world again

Afraid that no one would understand me

Nor accept me for who and what I am

But then you showed up

And you didn't cringe in fear at my appearance

Instead of looking at me in terror

You looked at me with compassion and love

You reached out and took my hand

And pulled me towards the light

You showed me what love truly is

In the cool of the evening you would come

And we would sit and talk in the garden of roses

You told me that you cared for me

My heart was overwhelmed with happiness and confusion

For I could not understand

How someone as beautiful as you could care for someone like me

But then you met a handsome young man

And he stole your heart away

I watched as you grew to love him

You told me that I was your dearest friend

But I knew that I had lost you

You finally made your choice

You chose the handsome young man

And I was left alone, alone in my darkness

I have been waiting for you

Hoping and praying that you will return to me

But deep in my heart I know you will not return

So I bathe myself within the darkness

And there I will die in my sorrow