Porcelain Façade

Standing on a balcony

Thinking and dreaming

She waits and she watches

She should be in bed

She waits up in the late hours

Can't sleep without him

Whispering his name over again

As if to conjure him from the air

Silent thoughts and a whispered prayer

To bring him running back to her

He is running

To fast to see

Can't be blocked by road or tree

He scales the wall

High as it is

Wanting to be with what is his

Illuminated by candle light

Her face glowing softly in the dark night

A beacon of hope and a reminder of home

Her eyes lit by the reflection of the pool

Beyond the courtyard, he sits, like a fool

Watching her wait, her beauty to much

For him to aspire to feel just a touch

Hair like silk

And body divine

Her lips shine cherry-like

On skin of wine

A porcelain façade

Etched deep in gold

She is too breath-taking

For him to behold