Inspired by the Finger Eleven song of the same name

Broken Words

Broken words are all she's got/ Missing pieces become her vision/ Her dystopia complete in its incompleteness/

Yet she smiles that dazzling smile/ She fakes it well/

She's broken inside/ and missing pieces/ Can't find it all/

Except she's great/ Undaunted/

She paints her skies grey/ Strokes of paint on faded taffetta/

Laughing as the pain fades away/ Becomming a dull reminder of the past/

She still can't helo looking past the brightness/ For the tarnish she's sure to find/

Though she finds it/ It makes small difference/

And the memory burns/ She sits/

Watching the ashes spread across the sky/ Painting them grey once more



2005-01-20 : ch 1, signed

very good...again something that I might write about...I like the message here..good job-Slienced Anegel