† Chaotic Symmetry †

Streamlined, yet bent

Obscured, but clear

The darkest mist, yet the lightest shade of grey

still shines through

The Unexpected waits expectantly

Suspicion becomes its Suspect

Fire lit from the water

burns brightly as its swallowed;

Blackness becomes blankness

Order in a world

where Disorder reigns high;

Its rules making exceptions to


Symmetric disorder

in a Chaotic world

The Wind floats backwards;

colliding with Imagination

Perfection untwines and forms Imperfection

Re-ordered Time counts itself;

The numbers becomming coded

as numbers quickly cease to exist

Left with no sound, color, or air

She unclasps her hands

And Light shines through her fingers

The burning ball explodes;

as the Light is reborn from its brightness

A single speck of light is caught

Black is hinged on the speck;

it cannot move

The Light grows brighter;

multiplying itself as the Black struggles to


More Light and Light it grows

the Dark sinks deeper in its woes

Chaotic order is restored

And the Dark rips itself apart

Tears stream down its heart

The Light catches these tears;

molding them to stratospheres

of space

Space covers everything,

but everything still exists

And though the Dark hates its lost chaos;

it loves its memories too much to care

Chaos re-ordered is still chaos

Re-order is re-arranged disorder

And the absence of Light

only signifies its ultimate Brightness

For, when Light is found absent

you forget what you're searching for.

since you no longer have to look-

the Light is all around you,

therefore you cannot see

and the search stops because

you are blinded by the Light