notice me

i beg of you

point out my every flaw

detect all my imperfections

as long as you see me

and not see through me

i'll think of you

when i see sharp objects

or burning desserts,

if you promise that every portugese

will remind you of me

you made a fool of yourself

but i can't help thinking

that i'm a much bigger fool for waiting

around here things change quickly

or they do not change at all

there's no in between

at least not when it comes to this

i used to draw hearts

on the days you noticed me

but i don't do that anymore

not because it was childish

but because you've stopped noticing

sometimes i think

that i do things just so that later

i can say that i did them

with you its different

you're already gone

but it still makes a good story

spring is quickly blooming

where did all the time go

eight minutes until tomorrow

but today passed me by

last year we were young

now we are older

or at least i am

some things never change

i don't know if you changed

last year i was too much the same

to even know you

we pass each other often

with no greeting

i know you see me and i see you

our eyes even meet, but we don't say hello

maybe it's a sign

sometimes i wish we had more time

we never really had enough

and the clock just struck tomorrow