Empty bottles and cigarettes tell the world who we are
Never leaving out our flaws and oh so precious scars
Listening to the song that made me want to slit my wrists
While staring up at the stars in this feeling of pure bliss

Together we danced that beautiful night away
Screaming and laughing about how we'd forever stay
No one could stop us right then and right there
As you softly kissed away my life of despair

But your chain of love had found its way around my neck
Not allowing the blood and air to stream to my head
Cutting off all supplies I needed to be able to think
About you and me, and how you would let me sink

Your arms around me left me begging and pleading for more
But all you could give me was a view of your door
I embraced and kissed the rain as I walked home alone
Knowing that your name was forever carved in my bone