Thank you

Thanks for the roof above my head
where you protect me from the cold
sheltered me during wind and storm
You mend my heart which was torn
Then, saved me dear old story told.

Once more, you dust off sad ashes
Once more you sung in my accord
Once more, you patiently listened
Glistened, like shield and sword
And once more, you didn't ignored,

Thank you dear friends, you know who you are
Behind my fragile interior, you lift up my scar
So bless your souls- do not change
Like me let your youthfulness never age
my thanks for you is now on stage.

I shall show the faces of my heros
Ones in armored suits,
Then let me present heroines
Both of which helped so much
Ones who showed me the truth

Thanks to you
and you
and most certainly you.

A/N: The ending was intentional to show the all the different You's who have effected my life.