Caked up blood on his face, skin by scars and bruises desecrated,
But she solemnly swears she's never seen anything more beautiful.
Don't dig your tomb; you know inside you want to be cremated
Your ashes scattered in the winds of all the places you were joyful.

He dreamt of all the broken things in life, blaming himself alone,
She whispered softly while, washing his tears, at his side she stood:
I wish I could bear your pain in your stead, for watching you atone
For sins that aren't yours, hurts more than carrying your woes would.

He had chains about his neck and blisters from a history of hate,
Whereas she healed any injury she found, brought dawn into nightfall.
Forget the tears you shed, you're whole again, by the mercy of fate;
The scars are faded and the blood is dry; you walk but now they crawl.

He'd always say she smelt like saccharine memories never to fade,
And she'd sense the fear in his mind anytime he'd look into her eyes.
In love's province you must carry a cyanide drop, if there's a raid
And the cherubim catch you; you have to swallow it to keep your lies.

His long blonde hair always looked so majestic, his face dazzling,
She'd stare at him for hours while he slept, dreaming of love's lore.
It's a song that grants you wings, makes you feel ecstatic, adoring;
As it ends you want to hear it again though it'll make you cry once more.

The moonlight struck his face, and he looked like a true son of Kings,
So gorgeous that she lost foothold on solid ground, breath taken away.
I don't remember much after that; your features blurred my feelings,
But your smile brought me back to myself and the world that day.

He'd say her passion for silver was unnatural, her secret hidden deep;
She knew she had to confess to herself alone what she truly needed.
Yet the blood in your veins is silver, that is my love, nothing cheap,
That is the secret object of my desire, my strongest need unheeded.

He spoke words that fell like promises of eternal life from his lips,
And she swore she had felt the same for time beyond measure.
Truth is a whisper that cannot be grasped within human fingertips,
You must listen, shut your eyes, and so catch the greatest treasure.

AN: OK, honestly, if you understood anything please tell me…it makes perfect sense to me, but I'm really worried no one will be able to understand it, lol. It was supposed to have a sad ending (hence the title really), but I decided I couldn't do that to myself, because it associates me with these two characters, and I don't want them to suffer. Yes, I know, I'm weird. Ah, and it wasn't meant to be this long.