Fix Me


I think that it's too much
I want it to go, away.
You're just a cloud in my head
Floating around and
messing with my

I've been thinkin' too much
Then you came along,
I know you can
fix it.

Fix me,
and you'll be loved forever.
Fix me,
You know that's the right thing to do….
Please, fix me…
and wipe away my tears

The next day…you were gone.
You left me alone.
Now look, what you have done.
You broke me,
Scared me,
left me all alone,

Didn't you think
What you would do, to me?
It's too late now,
you just can't see,
you broke me


There are no more
blue skies or clouds in my head
Drowned out of me,
you've left me forever
Droned out of the night
the love of me to you
the family discovered
you uncovered
that I loved you
and you loved me.

I'm sorry that I couldn't be everything
I'm sorry that I can't be beautiful
I'm sorry that I didn't hug you
I'm very sorry about it
I'm so sorry


I'm sorry I couldn't be beautiful (Fix me)
I'm sorry that I couldn't be everythinggg (Love me)
I'm sorry that I didn't hug youuu (Hug me)
I'm sorrrryyy.

I'm sorry that I never loved you.

Author's Note: Uhm...I wrote this a long time ago, but never really
continued it until this year or last year. Yeah. I'm somewhat
satisfied, I suppose.
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