For my Mommy,

Mother, mother how hard you work!
Stop and breathe a while,
You've done enough for the day
Let me make you smile!


When the time comes
I promise you two things,
I'll show you 'round the world
And fly like eagle wings!
Why not swim with dolphins?
Fly on hot-air balloons?
How about taste tequilas?
Or maybe orbit the moon?
Meet some hunky males
Spanish or Latin too?—
Asians, really?
Maybe that's just you!
Let's take pictures of what we saw
Paste them in here memory
Forget about little albums!
It's stamped in my heart, you see?
We'll learn new recipes
Try on new styles
Lavish in jewels divine
Travel for miles and miles!
So let's take a road trip
anywhere you want
I don't care the cost!
(You don't believe me?)
Go ahead and taunt!
I am not joking
Or even trying to bluff
I'm seriously promising
I haven't given enough!


One day you will see
One day you will hear
That your existence
Is just so, so dear
You give plenty
To others and for us
God bless your soul, (forevermore)
I love you oh so much.

A/N: It's a bit late but I actually gave this to my Mother AFTER Mother's day. All in all, dedicated to my mommy.