--Star Searchers--


Gerard Butler -- Alexa Davalos

Peta Wilson -- Jude Law -- Seth Green -- Billy Connolly

Ian McDiarmid

And Hugo Weaving

To whom it may concern…

So, what exactly do you get when you combine a little Shakespeare (to be precise, The Taming of the Shrew) and the all-time favorite fairy tale of yours truly (Beauty and the Beast, of course!) with a premise of a group of thieves who aren't, perhaps, quite so very bad (a la The Italian Job or Ocean's Eleven) on a fantastical treasure hunt, who just happen to find themselves up against a corrupt and dangerous government in a sci-fi universe? And then, just for good measure, why not throw in one of the most elusive races of Evyrworld, the Changelings, and a mage with a terrible curse?

Well, you'd get this very tale, obviously.

Here, my good readers, is yet another of my more random literary inspirations…actually, I've wanted to write a sci-fi tale for a long while now, since I haven't attempted it since my obsessive fling with Star Wars several years ago.

(Please, don't ask.)

Herein you will find elements of fairy tale, humor, fantasy, sci-fi, and reality: bits and pieces of what you already know, and then some of what you don't. I hope, in any case, you find this enjoyable, and don't decide that Kates has officially gone off to the deep end. Please read and tell me what you think! (Oh, and by the way, I am looking at the moment for a good beta-reader…any takers…? I'd appreciate it. )

And now, on to the story; I think that I've rambled long enough…

Yours respectfully, as always,