Hold me,
Just sit there, and hold me.
It's times like this,
That's all I need.
Just hold me.

Hold me,
Keep me near you, and hold me.
It's all you have to do,
It's all I need.
Just hold me.

When the tears have fallen,
The smile has broken,
The soul has been stripped bare,
I just need to know,
I have you to hold me,
To know that you'll be there,

Hold me.
Don't let me go, just hold me.
Your quiet strength,
Is just what I need
So please, just hold me

When the tears have dried,
The pain has subsided
And the soul is ready to heal,
I am ever thankful,
For your warm embrace,
For the way you make me feel.

Hold me.
Put your arms around me and hold me.
I want to tell you I love you,
Whisper in your ear, how much I love
When you hold me.