Chapter 6: Angels

After the Incubus's failed attempt, the demons that plagued the school became more wary and began concentrating their efforts on getting rid of Akugi. Myoukei was annoying to them because she kept sending them back to Hell and she was a human. Akugi was worse in their minds. He was helping humans and they considered him to be a horrible traitor.

It had been two weeks since the Incubus attack and Myoukei had kept her mouth shut about Akugi and his true identity. She'd also begun to rely more and more on him as over and over again he proved his intentions as he helped her catch the demons still plaguing their school.

"Look, you're hurt. Just let me purify it. It'll make it feel better."

"No it won't. Trust me."

"But Akugi-sama won't the demon taint hurt your body?" Mame asked.

The boy muttered something under his breath. Before he knew what had happened, Myoukei had grabbed his injured arm, but her hand over the scratch and purified it. Akugi yelped.

"Don't go doing that without warning!" he cried.

Myoukei glared at him. "Well it was the only way to get it done."

Just then the bell rang, so all of them were forced to run back to class. Akugi was distracted for the rest of the day and even Myoukei noticed. "What's wrong? After lunch you weren't paying attention."

"It's my stupid arm. I told you not to purify but you wouldn't listen. Now it's going to be an entire week until the stupid scratch goes away."

"But if I hadn't purified it… never mind. You are a demon so I guess demon taint wouldn't affect you."

"No it wouldn't which is why I heal so fast from demon wounds. The demon taint works with my own power to close it. Except of course when the taint and a chunk of my own power are removed from my body by an overzealous exorcist."

Myoukei winced. "Sorry."

Akugi sighed. "Don't worry about it. I just get irritable when I have to heal the slow way."

They had reached the stairs leading up to the temple that was both of their homes. "I've been meaning to ask you, what's Hell like?"

The boy grinned. "Hot."

"Is it really fire and eternal damnation?"

"No. Heaven and Hell are only temporary resting places for most people. Sure eternal bliss sounds nice but do you have any idea how boring it gets? Eventually most souls decide to return to life with their slates wiped clean. As for the fire, there are a few places that are all fire and brimstone but for the most part it's not as half as bad as the bible makes it out to be. Mind you when Hell was first made it was that bad but eventually our king calmed down and has made things better. The people who were just shy of making it into Heaven don't get tortured. All the really bad stuff is saved for murderers and the like. Hell is mostly to teach people lessons and make them regret the bad things they'd done in their lives. Nothing more."

"You mentioned the king. Do you mean Satan?"

"Yes, though he does prefer Lucifer."

"And you said before demons are only allowed up here with permission. Do you have permission?"

Akugi nodded. "I have the king's whole-hearted permission to be here." He replied with a slight smile.

Myoukei thought about that for the rest of the night, wondering if Akugi had been telling the truth or not. She preferred to dwell on that rather then the fact she'd hurt him when she'd purified his wound.

The whole house was asleep when Akugi heard a creak outside the door to his room. Pretending he was still dreaming, he listened intently as his door slowly opened and someone padded their way to his bed. The person had just reached out to touch him when he rolled off the bed and onto his feet. What he saw made him gape. Standing beside his bed, with white wings spread out in full glory, was an angel. But not any angel. This angel was Myoukei.

"Well this explains her unusual amount of power. You've been amplifying her natural ability haven't you?" He asked, looking completely at ease.

"Shut up demon scum! I'll send you back where you belong." The angel possessing Myoukei hissed.

"Now that's not very nice. I'm not doing anything wrong in being here. In fact I've been following the rules to the letter. So you really have no just grounds for getting rid of me."

The angel lunged forward forcing Akugi to jump back to avoid getting exorcised. "Hey watch it! If you're not careful you'll end up with a dead body on your hands."

"Anything to get rid of a foul creature such as yourself."

"My, my we are the high and mighty type aren't we?" Akugi told her as he cursed himself for allowing himself to be put into a corner.

"Anything is higher then a demon." She snapped back reaching out to send him back. The boy closed his eyes knowing Myoukei wasn't going to be happy to find a dead body in the morning. Two heartbeats later, he opened his eyes and saw a wingless Myoukei standing there, looking very confused.

"Why am I in your room? Was I sleep-walking?"

"More like sleep exorcising but it wasn't you fault."


"I just found out I'm not the only one possessing bodies in this house."

"A demon is possessing me?" Myoukei nearly shrieked.

"Calm down. It's not a demon. It's a stuck-up angel. I suggest you talk to her. She wouldn't listen to me and I really don't want to have to lose more sleep as she tries to get rid of me."

"An angel? An angel is possessing me?"

"Yes and a nasty one at that. Wouldn't listen to a word I said. She was just damn sure she was right. I hate people like that."

"But why?"

"No idea. Ask her."


"Just think at her. I'm sure she's ready to give you an earful about hanging around 'demon scum'."

Myoukei shut her eyes and thought Hello?

Are you insane? Spending that much time with a demon? And trusting him to boot! A waspish voice snapped.

"She's really there!" Myoukei said aloud in surprise.

"I told you."

Akugi's fine. He helps me get rid of the demons that attack my school.

I heard that cock and bull story. He's just trying to lure you into a false sense of security and then he's going to kill you.

He's had plenty of chances to do that already and he hasn't. I think you're being unreasonable and close-minded. Just because he's a demon doesn't mean he's evil.

All demons are evil you fool! That's the way they are.

I forbid you to take over my body like that again! You do and I'll have Akugi find some way to get rid of you.

You've been beguiled you stupid human child.

Don't call me a child, you bitch! With that Myoukei ended the conversation.

"She's a bitch!"

Akugi snorted. "Tell me something I don't know."

"What am I going to do if she takes over my body again?"

"Did you tell her not to?"


"Then you've nothing to worry about. Angels like yours are real sticklers for not going against their host's wishes no matter how much they want to. Only thing going for them."

"Can I get rid of her?"

"I wouldn't suggest it unless she gets really nasty. She's been amplifying your natural ability to exorcise demons. You give her the boot and you'll find yourself weaker for it."

"Are you serious? You mean I have to put up with the bitch for the rest of my life?"

"Not the rest of your life unless you need to remain strong in the exorcist field."

"This sucks!"

Akugi grinned. "At least she's not trying to make a bible-thumper out of you. Or worse yet an insane bitch like her."

Myoukei had to laugh. "And at least she's not trying to exorcise me."

"That to."

The girl yawned hugely. "I'm going back to bed."

"So am I. Good night."


Akugi didn't go to sleep after she left. He spent the next hour thinking about the angel possessing Myoukei. She wouldn't take over Myoukei's body without permission again but if she thought she was in danger she might break the code just to save Myoukei's life. Not that he had a problem with people saving Myoukei's life, he was just pretty sure after that was done he'd be sent back home. He like Hell and all but he was having a lot more fun up here. Eventually he just gave up and went back to sleep.

The next day on the way to school, Akugi and Myoukei discussed her angel problem. When they reached the front gates they were both engulfed in the now one group of both boys and girls. Since Akugi and Myoukei had started getting along so well, the boys and girls had started hanging out together and the entirely separate groups were beginning to disappear. The result was quite an increase in couples as well as a general increase in noise, as twice as many conversations were begun.

That day however Akugi and Myoukei got a big surprise.