Lie to save them hurt
Lie to save them pain
Lie to save them fear
Lie to save them shame.

If they knew the truth
they really wouldn't deal
it's on a need-to-know basis

Lie to cover tracks
Lie to cover lies
Lie to cover options
Lie to hide from spies.

They don't need-to-know
they know enough already
any more and they'd ask questions

Lie to keep going
Lie to keep hid
Lie to keep pride
Lie to hide what you did.

They think of me one way now
but if they any more
they'd probly be prejudiced against me.

Lie to wear a mask
Lie to hide a face
Lie to keep the truth
Lie to be safe.

Remember what the you've told
To each and evry face
Truth's in the eye of the beholder

Lies become natural
Lies become true
Lies become normal
Lies become you.

I know I'll be safe long as they don't conspire
Else they might talk, and discover
I've become a liar.