Author's Note: This was something I wrote for someone. So though it may be a long prose-y is an emotional piece and I rather like it so I decided to go ahead and post it here.

My dearest puppet master, was I merely a marionette in your sadistic show? Pulling my strings to see which actions you could produce from my empty body. Was the chase good game for you until I started to chase back? Did this make me less appealing? Was it something I said or did? Or perhaps you saw something you thought was beautiful until you got a better look. Walls I feel when I talk to you as of late. That certain warmth once felt there now replaced with a certain coldness. I express to you how I am beginning to feel and you say you can relate but I do not think you can for you see I think what may have been there for you before is no longer there while for me it is ever present. Words you once spoke before to put the sweetest smiles on my faces are now lost to me. Not that I blame you, I am just a font in a box really. Not angry in the least though hurt does not elude my senses at these moments. Cherished to have your friendship, honored to know you, though glad I am that I didn't have the courage to do what it is I almost did. Yet I play this game, jumping through hoops if you ask it of me, in hopes that I will one day be rewarded. Silly of me yes I know. I have tried to fool myself into thinking there could be more here than there truly is or ever will be. Nothing holds me back but I understand that many things hold you away. My presence would taint all that you hold dear. I wouldn't dare say I love you as that is too much too soon but a large part of me yearns for you and everything you represent to me. I would gladly be the antidote to your decay, slowly breathing my life into yours until you feel cured.